Kingdom Age 

Kingdom Age (The)  

Jesus was addressing His people the Jews, in this and other discourses.  ("I come only to the lost sheep of Israel").  When He spoke on these subjects, He was referring to the "Kingdom Age", which at that time had not arrived, and was contingent on the acceptance by Israel of His person and ministry as the Messiah of Prophecy.  That meant Corporate, and Spiritual Israel, as embodied in the ruling group the Sanhedrin, as the people would have followed.  

The seemingly impossible requirements as shown in His sermons, such as "turning the other cheek", etc., and the "Sermon On The Mount", were an impossible to achieve standard, AT THAT TIME, and now, and will remain so until the dawn of the Millennial Kingdom.  

Had the Jews chosen Jesus (Christ), instead of Jesus Barabbas (Matt. 27:17-21, Mk. 15:11, Luke 23:18 & Jhn. 18:40), and had Corporate Israel taken up the Offer of Christ, with repentance by Acts 28:28, then John the Baptist would have "been as Elijah", Matt. 11:14!  

In the future realisation of The Kingdom, which is now generally called "The Millennial Kingdom", the standards as taught by our Lord will apply, and for the first time in the history of the world!   

This will be as Christ Rules the world, as "King of kings, and Lord of lords".  Satan will be imprisoned, and all the actions of men and women will be their own responsibility!  

As the Jews rejected "Messiah Christ", the offer which was theirs, i.e. “cleansing in The Blood of The Lamb" is now on offer to "the Gentiles" and any Jews that will seek Him, however God has placed a “veil” over their understanding 2Cor. 3:15-16! (Acts 28:28).  This is referred to often by Paul, as "the Church of the Mystery", or "the Mystery Church"!  See: Apostle Paul:    

All those that will not accept this "Great Salvation", will be subject to the Judgement of Almighty God.  That subject is treated more fully in Hell;     

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