King David & Psalm 51



Question: Meaning of Psm. 51?


It is a heartfelt prayer of David (the king of Israel); after he had been visited by Nathan (the prophet); who explained to him his great sin against God and Uriah the husband of Bathsheba, by his adultery, and arranging the death of her husband!

The psalm is one of great remorse and is very moving, and with a careful, prayerful reading, reveals David’s anguish!

Verses 4, 17 and 18 are of particular meaning!

One asks the question, how did David not know what he was doing?

The answer undoubtedly is that Satan had seen his weakness, and took control; this is a great warning to all humans; when remembering Eden!

David had risen from shepherd to King of Israel, by dint of his anointing by God; Who said of David to Samuel; “he is a man after my own heart” (1Sam.13:14; & Acts 13:22).

That is a remarkable statement. God (Who knows the end from the beginning) Anointed him in the full knowledge of his future sin; because he would “do His will”!

But, as always, God does not take away our free-will, as it is crucial to His Plan of Salvation in Christ Jesus, for all mankind!


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