Knowing What The Unforgivable Sin Is, And Why It Is Important 


The remarkable fact is, that according to Christ Jesus, all sin (except one) is potentially forgivable.  All that is required at the present time by Almighty God is belief in Christ Jesus’ Atoning death on the Cross outside the Jerusalem city walls, approx. 2000 years ago. The fact that there is no other way of being salvaged from Eternal destruction is clearly stated in Acts 4:11-12, by the Apostle Peter, under the Power of the Holy Spirit. 

The remarkable statement by Jesus is quoted in Matthew 12:31-32 (KJV), with similar in Luke 12.
“Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.
And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this Age, neither in the Age to come”.

So, from the above, it is clear what the unforgivable sin is!  It is speaking against in any way, the Holy Spirit of God Almighty!
That can take many forms and expressions, and the example is given in Matt.12:22-30, where Jesus is accused by the Pharisees of healing a demoniac by the power of Satan!  In that accusation, they condemned themselves; and showed the reason that the Ruling Sanhedrin would not accept Jesus as Messiah!

The following is an extract from a note in Rev Chapter 14, 

The Name of Christ is reviled, misused and abused worldwide millions of times daily, mainly in the white, western Caucasoid population, but not exclusively.  Ironically, Islamists do not revile and blaspheme His Name, because He is revered as a prophet, but not as God's way of Salvation.  It is worth repeating here that Christ is the Greek for Messiah.  That Messiah means anointed.  That Jesus is the Greek for Joshua (Jehoshua) which means, Jehovah the Saviour.  Therefore Jesus Christ means; Jehovah the Saviour Anointed.  Whenever this most Holy and Worthy title is used wrongly, as is most common in population swearing, much condemnation is being stored up by the individuals for their Judgement, when they are standing before the Great White Throne (Rev. 20:11-12).  However, in Matt. 12:32 we have Christ's statement regarding blasphemy, which referred to that Age, "and the coming Age".  At that time the coming Age which Christ constantly preached, was the "Kingdom Age".  That Age would have started had the Jewish hierarchy accepted Him as Messiah.  As they rejected Him, it is in abeyance.  As shown at Acts 28:28, an unknown (to the Jews) Age began, which we know as the Age of "Grace".  What this means to the repentant blasphemer, is that in this present Age, as our Lord died for all sin, they appear to be mercifully forgiven, but in the coming Kingdom Age, not so.  This interpretation is based on the assumption that the repentant person sees and accepts that The Holy Spirit is God, that He is The Author of all life, and that in Christ Jesus He has borne the sin of the individual, and the world!  This interpretation may or may not be correct, the individual concerned can only hope that it is! 

It is clear that it is important to know what the unforgivable sin is, and what Jesus meant at the time He was speaking.  Some people think that He was referring to that time only, and to the Pharisees in particular; however, that may not be the case, as Jesus ends the comment in Matt.12:32, “neither in the world (Age) to come”. 
In the context of Christ’s words and timing, He is speaking only to the Jews, (Matt.15:24), and He always spoke of the coming Kingdom; the Millennial Kingdom, “Thy Kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven”.  This is the prayer that He taught his disciples!

The Jews have been “Lo-Ammi” (not My people) now for nearly 2000 years.  The responsibility for the evangelism of the Word of truth has rested with the Gentiles for that time also, and will continue to do so until this “Age“ ends.  This “Age” started at approx. the time of the final rejection of Jesus as Messiah of the Jews, and is defined in the statement by the Apostle Paul in Acts 28:25-28! 

So, we know from Scripture that this “Age” will end, and that the Jews will again be “Ammi”, (My people). 

We know also that a personage is yet to take prominence on Earth, who will be a personality of much charisma and ability, and who will be trusted by Nations, and Israel!
Such will be his ability and persona, that he will be able to solve seemingly insoluble problems, and will be trusted by Israel to the point of their acceptance of a Contract of Peace, for them and their Land!  See: Dan. 9:27. 
Our Lord showed in His above comments to the Pharisees and His disciples that it was/is important to discern truth, especially relative to Almighty God and His purposes.  He demonstrated that if the truth of a statement or situation are deliberately perverted to the advantage of the great Enemy of God, and the Holy Spirit, Satan; then the consequences are potentially eternal destruction!

The Jewish Sanhedrin rejected Jesus as Messiah, because:
1) “They were of their father Satan”, John 8:44.
2)  They would not accept the evidential Miracles, prophesied in Isaiah, even though they saw them with their own eyes, Isa. 35:5-6.
3)  Jesus claimed God as His Father, when their own wise men and teachers stated that their Messiah will be completely human!
4)  He had not delivered them from the hated occupying Romans.
5)  He had outwitted them on all occasions when they tried to trick Him publicly. 
As shown above, for this rejection, God has at present disowned them.  See: Acts 28:25-28; and Hosea 1 & 2!

The largest grouping of religious Jews in the world at the present time are called "Orthodox Jews".  What most people in the world do not know is that "Orthodox" Judaism derived from the "Pharisaic" Jews, and that they are basically the same as the Pharisees of Jesus' time on Earth.  Their writings have been added to by various of their Rabbis, and the Oral traditions were tabulated by AD 200-250 into written form and called "Mishna".  It is worth repeating that the traditions and the writings of the Pharisees which were started after Ezra's good work; are what John the Baptist and our Lord railed against during their ministries on Earth.  This is the very point of knowing and working at Truth, which only in prayerful study and the help of the Holy Spirit can a person know.  This is also the reason that Satan has been so successful in the Christendom of the world in perverting and holding down the Truth of the Bible, as the leaders have generation after generation been misled, miss-taught and hoodwinked into non truth, where even Salvation in Christ alone is no longer taught clearly! 

When the situation in the future transpires that the Antichrist is current as the above Link describes, the need for discernment as described by Christ Jesus, will again be critical and crucial for the Jewish Nation, (as it was when Jesus declared His Messiahship).  They will be completely trusting of the Antichrist; and will have been allowed by him to rebuild their Temple, and re-instituted their sacrifice and worship system.   

He will however at a critical stage demand worship from them, Rev. 13:8, and that will be the beginning of the worst experience for the Jews, that has ever happened to them, Matt. 24:15-26 and Rev. 13:15.  The Jewish Hierarchy will again have to exercise their minds and hearts to decide for or against the Antichrist, and in that future situation if they ascribe to the Antichrist, deity; they will be committing the same unforgivable sin as they did with Jesus, because they will be ascribing to the Antichrist that which belongs to Almighty God and the Holy Spirit only!

It is not sufficiently recognised or known in the day to day life of the world's population that Satan's rebellion against Almighty God was/is for the purpose of "being as God"!  Also it is not sufficiently taught or recognised that the present ruler of the world is Satan!  To successfully bring the Jewish Nation in particular (as they are the chosen people), to a stage where he as Satan could obtain their worship goes a long way towards his ultimate purpose of attempting to be God, see: Satan's Motivation:   & Satan's Origins        

Jesus described in Matt. 12:31-32, the dire consequence of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit of God, because Satan was credited with what pertained to God!  In the above yet future events, Satan will demand worship, (which can only ever pertain to God), via his Antichrist, and those that so worship will receive the Mark of the Beast (Satan), and will be eventually destroyed, Rev. 20:10-15, but prior to that they will be subject to the punishment described in Rev. 14:9-11.  
The need to discern what is right and truthful regarding God and Satan is clear for the Jews, and the world's population both then and in the future, but will almost certainly also apply to the Gentile Nations. 

At the present time, Salvation (salvaging) is in Christ Jesus, and faith in Him! 

For the Jews, and the “Nations” in the future (maybe soon), the way to Salvation will be by "overcoming” and “washing in the Blood of the Lamb”, Rev. 7. 

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