JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST                                                             


THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST                                                                                                          

We know from Paul's second letter to the Corinthians (2Cor. 5:10), that we must all appear as Christians (Christ-Ones), (sealed in the Heavenlies 2Cor.1:22 & Eph. 1:13), before the Judgement Seat of Christ.  There is the same comment in Rom. 14:10, but that verse translates “God”, which covers the “Bema” of Christ and the Throne of God!

In 1Cor. 3:10-15 Paul clearly describes that which is of value in the Christian, and that which is not will be burnt up at the time of the “Bema” Judgement (examination).  [The Interlinear Strongs numbering for Judgement - Seat of Christ 968, crossed referenced to Strongs Concordance = Bema - (bayma), - a step - a rostrum  - i.e. tribunal, Judgement - Seat, set foot on, throne].  

The crucial difference between the “Bema” and the “Great White Throne Judgement “of God (Rev. 20:11-15); is that the former allows Christ-ones to be seen through the Blood Sacrifice of Christ Jesus (Eph. 1:7; 1Cor. 6:20; 1Pet. 1:18-19 & Acts 20:28); and the latter without that advantage, and is severe to the maximum degree!

What Paul does not do is to say what in precise terms should be built upon the foundation of Christ's Salvation in the individual.  He does lay out the obvious, but as the free will is so much involved in the individual as to which elements over the lifespan of a person will be added, he is careful not to dictate the detail; other than in broad terms.  

We are told in 2Tim. 2:15 that to work at the Word (this means to know the correct meaning at every stage in Scripture) is critical for every Christian.  That involves the free will of the person.  Unfortunately in this day and time many Christians follow slavishly the statements made by group leaders, rather than study for themselves.  They convince themselves that to belong to a good Group, and to follow the Leaders words and teachings gives them all that is required to enter Heaven; which can be incorrect!

To belong to a good Group is important, but it is also important which group adheres to the principal of Christ’s Blood Shed for Sin, but it is also important to get to know God's Word, otherwise the statements and teaching of the Leader cannot be verified!  

As has been shown above, building on the Foundation of Christ's Work on Calvary's Cross, is the responsibility of all who have come to Him in faith to be Saved.  As we used our free will to turn to Him, we need for the rest of our lives to use the same free will to become more like Him day by day, and that is achieved by a partnership of our will and His, which gives power for the effort!  

We can with certainty state that the Timothy reference to showing oneself a good workman in the Word is safe ground.  We also know that as we know more of the Word in Truth it is also clearer what other materials can be used for the building.  It is also safe ground to work at one's mind "becoming more Christ like", (1Cor. 2:16) and we are also told that it is the work of God to work at the Faith, (1Thess. 1:3), (2Thess. 1:11) and (1Tim. 6:12), which in itself brings in the other mentioned qualities. 


IN SUMMARY: the Holy Spirit with the willing cooperation of the individual clearly shows what is good and acceptable for building materials in the Christian.  

What is crucially important is to differentiate the Bema experience for the risen or “translated” Christian, from the various adjudications and judgements that will apply to all people who have ever lived; except the Christian at the Great White Throne Judgement (Rev. 20:11) at the end of the Millennium Age.  These people are judged on their individual lives and all they ever did and some may never have heard of Jesus!  See: The Book of Life:  and   Hell's Punishment?  

A Christian does not come into that Judgement category, as they are washed clean in The Blood of the Risen Lord at the moment of True acceptance and they are then members of a unique grouping called by the Apostle Paul, "The Mystery Church", or "The Body of Christ"!  

Then there is only the trimming away by burning, of those things from that moment of acceptance to the end of their lives, which are unworthy and unacceptable to Christ Jesus in Eternity!  

Note Sept 2018

There are some so called “Christians” who are fearful of Christ’s return to Earth; and one so called “Clergyman” stated to the writers, “that if I knew it was soon to happen, I would commit suicide”!  That is a strange comment to make, as it clearly indicated that he was under one of Satan’s many bondages!

A close and much loved relative of the writers also made a surprising comment regarding our Lord’s return, when we related the above incident to him.  He stated that, “he understood that Clergyman’s feelings, as he also felt that way”!

That comment for us was almost devastating, but much has happened since, which has given more clarity and knowledge for prayer!

There is a clear statement regarding our Lord’s return to Earth (Second Advent); which bestows on those who are “looking for His appearing” (2Tim. 4:8); a special reward!   However, when it is realized that Israel’s prophetic position is also key to the timing of our Lord’s return, Scripture (The Bible) also adds treasure to that knowledge! 


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