Jews (say they are)

Extracts and comments from Revelation Chps. 2:2, 2:9(a) & 3:9 



I know thy works and labour, and patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil, and thou hast tried them which (a)say they are apostles, and are not and hast found them liars:  

(a)  Say they are apostles", many examples in the Acts, which indicates that the characteristics of this future time to be similar to the Acts period  (Jews are again "first priority", and again "Ammi", Hos. 1:10-11 & 2:1). 

At the present time, many people say they are Christians, but are not!  These people are easily discerned, they do not like to study the Bible, and tend to devalue it "as only one of the Churches  founding documents".  They cannot use the name of Christ in conversation without embarrassment, and tend to refer to "God" frequently, when The Lord's name should be used.  When asked to express their faith, they usually express anger, or they will use the noun "Jesus", but cannot say "my Lord and Saviour Jesus The Christ”.

Their "Jesus" is probably one of the impostors that Jesus warned against, such as Jesus Barabbas, and they will undoubtedly be in the category described in Matt. 7:22-23.  They are also often very active in the Ecumenical Movement:  The Ecumenical Movement and the Bible:  which is powered by Rome, which teaches, "we must all live together, not concentrate on our differences, and there are many ways to God, and pray for world peace".  This of course chimes well with the world's politicians, who are afraid of religious conflict becoming uncontrollable.   

In short, many of the world's established Churches are now little more than social clubs, with music, and many other activities taking the place of true evangelising. 

The Acts 4:12 principle is now forbidden, "so as not to offend people".   The insights of Martin Luther and the other worthy reformers are ignored and devalued in the inexorable march towards "Ecumenical peace".  This false "peace" will arrive, first for Israel, and then the world, under Anti-Christ!  At that stage the reference in Zech. 1:11, and Rev. 6:4 will apply. 

In the Old Testament Jewish context, the false leaders and bad shepherds were not challenged, and the damage and evil that followed are evident up to the present day.  The false and corrupt shepherds of Israel are destined for special judgement (Jer. 25:34-36 and Ezk. 34).  It is certain that the false shepherds of today,  and their helpers in the congregations will meet a similar fate.  This subject has been laboured because throughout the Ages The Lie (Rev.14:5);  propagated by Satan in many guises has held sway.  It holds sway now.  The truth of Acts 4:12 is denied worldwide. 

In the example above, Jews are saying they are Jews, but are not!  Here men claim Apostleship: (one who is a special messenger, App. 189 Comp. Bible), for purpose of false teaching causing dispute and dissent.  The same in Rev. 3:9.  The punishment for these and all liars is shown in Rev. 21:27, and 22:15.  The purpose in this case is to cause weakness of resolve, and to work against "the angel".  The object is to engender failure of the "Ephesus Church", and failure as the anti-thesis. This also indicates an expected early event, and a "filling full" in the yet future! 

In these 7 Churches, with the special focus of Christ, all Satan's wiles are to be resisted, hence the many references to Old Testament situations and characters.  They are showing to be the "anti-thesis", with Christ's Holy Spirit help to Israel's failure and perversion, when in their "Ammi" state, prior to Christ's first advent.  "Christ's help" here means access to Holy Spirit empowerment, as was the case for Jewish and some Gentile believers up to Acts 28:28! 



I know thy tribulation, and poverty (but thou art rich), and I know the (a)blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are of a (b)synagogue of Satan.   

(a)  To be a Jew in that time and place is clearly important and the reasons are given in the notes at the top of this Chapter.  So much so that Satan wishes to infiltrate, and as usual, deceive.  The blasphemy is counterfeiting the Holy Spirit (see 14:1c) and the usual perversion of Truth to the end of neutralising the Jews in membership, neutralising or perverting the Truth, causing sin and dissent in the members, all to the effect of increasing physical poverty, attempting to diminish their spirituality, and leading to physical tribulation, as happened previously prior to their Babylonian exile.  Satan again attempts to defeat them by the same methods, (see notes 2:2).  Satan's attack at that time, mirrors that on the Old Testament tribes of Israel, which neutralised the help of Almighty God, and brought them to defeat, and led them to the exile in Babylon, and later to worldwide dispersion.  In this future re-attempt of Satan, his object is to again defeat Israel, and by implication Jehovah God!  He knows that if he succeeds again, the "oil" (spirit) will not flow to the "Lamps"!  At the present time, Satan is attacking Christ - Ones (Christians), for the same purpose, to reduce their effectiveness in witness of Christ and Acts 4:12, by enticing them to sin, and reducing their reliance on Christ the Holy Spirit indwelling them! 

There is a grouping on Earth calling themselves “the ten lost tribes of Israel”.  See: The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel . Their members are worldwide, but particularly in Europe, Scandinavia and USA.  Their main teaching seems to be that the decline on Earth is attributable to the lack of adherence to all the Jewish Law and customs, and they seem to feel they can reverse that trend by strict adherence.  This obviously means they are teaching Salvation by works, as opposed to the truth of this Age (Administration), which is based on Acts 4:12.  As most if not all of them are not of Jewish decent, there is clearly much delusion in them.  It is clear from Ezra 6:17,  that the sin offering is for all Israel, and the number 12 is quoted, i.e. all 12 tribes.  As the division of Israel happened after the death of Solomon, and in Ezra is the restoration, (see: Ezra 6:17, 1Kings 12:17 etc.) there are clearly many of Israel and Judah together again, after the carrying away to Babylon in two waves, and to Syria of Israel.  If those calling themselves the “lost tribes” are some of those referred to in Chp. 3:9 they will obviously oppose the will of the Spirit by their doctrine, and hence the warning by the Spirit.  However, it is our view that the "lost tribes" groupings are not being referred to here, but are yet future peoples controlled by Satan whose purpose is to disrupt this latest scenario instigated by God the Father and the Holy Spirit. 



Behold, I will give them of the (a)gathering of (b)Satan, which say they are (c)Jews, and are not but do lie; behold (e)I will compel to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I (d)love thee. 

(a)  See Matt. 13:24-30, the tares and wheat in Palestine look identical until the harvest, when the tares (ZEWAN) turn almost black in the ear, and the sorting is then made easy, without damage to the wheat.  It is almost certain that the harvest referred to is that of Rev. 14:15, as the Son of Man, and prior to the 7 last plagues.   There are parallels in this present (Body) of the so called Church Age, regarding the workers of Satan.  

(b)  See whole of Comp. App. 19; which shows that the serpent of Genesis is a complete fabrication compared with the truth, which Satan is happy to leave in place, and for people to believe.  The mistranslations do not show that Satan tempting Eve was (and still is) a magnificent creature of God's Creation, who anybody, let alone Eve, would listen to (obey is a different matter).  The use of the word "serpent", is a Satan induced error of the Hebrew word Nachash = "a shining one", and Saraph = "a burning one".  A correct understanding is derived by study of the words in context; i.e. Isa. 6:2 and 6, Num. 21 and many others.  In the Hebrew and Chaldee, these words were interchanged frequently; and are "shining one", "burning one", also brass or bronze.  

(c)  See Chp. 2:9.

(d)  Comp. App. 135:I 1.

(e)  Isa. 60:14.  


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