Jesus and Isa. 53



What does Isaiah 53:3-6 mean?



The whole Psalm refers to the Lord Jesus Christ!

It is prophetic re. Him, and it is interesting that the Jewish Sages allowed it to stay in the Cannon, as the Pharisees teach that their Messiah will not be of Divine origin, which will not change until Zech.12:10!

As one progresses through the wording, the Gospels show the references to each verse; and do justice to the depth and gravity of the meaning; as they are unique elements, which in total are equal to the Salvation work of Messiah Christ Jesus; which is the Gift of God in Jesus, for all mankind who will accept and receive it!

Despite the enormity of Jesus’ ordeal, He was “rejected by men”, for selfish human reasons; and instead of checking the claims and actions of Jesus from the Bible, the ruling Pharisees conspired to negate every claim, demonstration of power, and the miracles that Jesus demonstrated, even and including His resurrection.

When Jesus returns, however; He will “salvage” Israel, as promised in the Bible; and Rule from Jerusalem as stated in the Bible, together with His Father; “and their Name shall be One” (Zech. 14:9).


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