Japheth and "The Last Days"




In Genesis 9:27, “God shall enlarge Japheth”, what is the intended use of the word “enlarge”?



Japheth, son of Noah, he is usually regarded as the ancestor of the Gog and Magog tribes.  These include the Turks, Khazars, Chinese, Mongols, and Slavs.

Some comments include Eastern Europe and the Caucuses, and that would include present-day Russia and surrounding nations!

The word “enlargement” probably implies power, affluence, and aggression.

The Caucuses are one of the named areas affecting Israel in the “latter days”, (Gen.49:1; Num.24:14; Deut.4:30; Isa.2:2; Jer.23:20, 30:24, 48:47, 49:39, Ezek.38:16; Dan.10:14; Hos.3:5 & Mic.4:1).

The specific Nations involved are given in Ezk. 32, 38, and Psm 83, all of which fit the above criterion, and are in the "Prophetic area", i.e. the known world of Old Testament Prophecy, and directly affecting the chosen people, Israel.  The Nations mentioned are listed as (Ezk. 32); V11 “Babylon”; V22 “Asshur”; = Assyria; V24 “Elam” = Iran; V26 “Meshech and Tubal” = Turkey, Armenia, Mesopotamia; V29 “Edam” = Jordon; V30 “Zidonians” = Lebanon, Syria, Iraq.

(Ezk. 38); V2 “Magog” = Meshech and Tubal = Turkey and Caucuses; V5 “Persia, Ethiopia and Libya”; V6 “Gomar” = north of Asia Minor = present-day parts of Russia; V6 “Togarmah” = Armenia = Caucuses.

(Psm. 83); V6 “Edom and Ishmaelites” = Jordon and local peoples; V6 “Moab and Hagarens” = Jordon and descendants of Hagar; V7 “Gubal, Ammon and Amalek” = “Philistia, Tyre” and Assyria which is most of the Arabs; V8 “Assur” = Assyria.

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