Jacob's Mother



Why did Rebekah love Jacob more?




It is not hard to explain why Rebekah liked Jacob more.  According to the Bible, God has predicted that the “older would serve the younger”, and Jacob contested with Esau “in the womb” (Gen. 25:22–26).  Rebekah was a faithful servant and believer of God and believed Jacob would be more successful, so gave Jacob extra care.

God also knew that Jacob was a “striver”, and would pursue goals, which were essential in the role he had to play in producing 12 Tribes from his sons!

Also, as is well known, Jacob “strove” with “God”(Gen. 32:23–30); “and prevailed” v28.

His name was changed to “Israel” (God commands, orders or rules) v28.

Jacob’s time has not yet come when he (the 12 Tribes) will be instrumental in the defeat of Satan at the end of the Millennial Age (Rev. 20:7–10).  In that Age, they will be “a Kingdom of priests unto God” (Exod.19:6; 1Peter 2:9; Rev.1:6), and as such will have a worldwide influence on the Truth of God’s Word and Plans!

That would explain the subterfuge!


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