Israel's new name


Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 2:11 & 2:17



He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the (a)Churches/Ecclesia; (b)he that overcometh shall not be hurt of the (c)second death.   

(c)  Matt. 10:28, and Rev. 20:6.  "The second death" is emphasised by our Lord as the stage to be feared in reality, as opposed to the death of the human body.  It is clear that the second death is at the volition of God the Father and comes into play at Revelation 20.  As that is at the end of the Millennial and is the Almighty's dealings finally with all that has been wrong with people and events under the influence of both their own fallen nature and Satan, this stage is final for both.  It is also interesting to note that in Rev. 20:14, the completion of the effect of our Lord's Death on the cross at Calvary, is enacted, as death and the grave are also cast into the lake of fire. 

This reference to the "second death" of Rev. 20, shows the definite qualification of "overcoming" successfully in this 7 year period; by the individual Jew and proselyte, with the help of the "spirit", as depicted in Chapter 1.  The reason is to be the successful formation of "Jeshuran" (ideal Israel) of Old Testament prediction (Isa. 44:2) as opposed to the failed "Jeshuran" of Deut. 32:15. See: Millennial Purpose.   



He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches/Ecclesia.  To him that overcometh will I give of the (a)hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a (b)new name written, which no one knoweth except him that receiveth it.

(a)  The ones that overcome (the terrible Satanic persecution, pressures and temptations) at that time receive the "hidden manna", (Jn. 6:58), (i.e. true feeding which is only in Christ), (the Manna of the 40 years wilderness sojourn fed the body, Ex. 16:35), the "hidden Manna", is to sustain them here as they "overcome".  They receive a "victory stone", on which is a new name. 

(b)  This new name is that of the new true Israel, the "new wine skins," the Bride of Christ, (Isa. 62:2-4, 65:15 & Acts 15:17). This "new name" will be the opposite to the "Mark of the Beast", and relates to the "True Israel", "the Bride of Christ", (Jeshuran, see V.11 (c)).


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