"Israel; My Firstborn son"

Most people on Earth have by now (2017), heard of the “Son of God”, who is called “Jesus”; (Matt. 1:21), see: "Sonship" in the New Testament This verse from God’s Holy Word to mankind, contains the profound and startling message; for He will save His people from their sins”!

This message is confirmed in many parts of the Bible, but in strength in John 1:29, "Behold! The Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world"! (Rev. 5:6-14).

The question arises therefore, who is the Firstborn son, and what would be his purpose?  The speaker making the statement “My Firstborn son” is Almighty God Himself; (Jehovah of the Jews; see bottom Link); and the statement is made in Exodus 4:22 during God’s dealings with Pharaoh to release His people Israel from bondage and slavery in Egypt.  God makes the profound and revealing statement in v.23 that they are to be releasedso that they may serve Me”!

Other references to God’s choice of Israel and why are: Ex. 5:1; Deut. 7:7-9; Isa. 63:16; 64:8; Hos. 11:1; Jer. 31:9, Rom. 9:4; 2Cor. 6:16-18 & James 1:18.

In God’s statement to Pharaoh, are some parts of God’s Plans beginning to show shape in an understandable form for human record (The Bible); and is the beginning of the working out of prophetic future events!

For example; God had promised Abram earlier (Gen. 17:4), that because of his trust in what God was telling him, he would be the father of a “Multitude of Nations”, and in v.5, changed his name to Abraham, meaning “I have made you a father of many Nations”, (interestingly the statement is made in the past, present and future tense).

That promise from God was reiterated to Isaac and Jacob and others later; and was Solemnised in the Rite of Circumcision of Jewish men (as they carry the responsibility in God's Order; see: Eve and Adam) (Gen. 17:10; Acts: 8 & Roms. 4:11); which is for a lifelong reminder of God’s Promises to Abraham to Jewish men regarding all God’s Promises to them; see Link below.

That trust (faith) shown by Abraham, was “counted unto him as righteousness”; and is described in Heb. 11; amongst all the people that “live by faith”including the present day peoples of the world, who trust in Christ!; see Link below.

Also promised to Abraham, was the future fact that the promised future Nation of Israel (of Jacob’s seed); would be a blessing to all the Earth’s peoples; including Gentiles (all humans who are not of Abraham’s genetics).

As is seen above and in Scripture; Abraham had at least 8 sons, including the miracle son Isaac; and it is from the seven others (and probably more by concubines), that many (mainly Arab) Nations have since been grown.  All of the survivors of these will come into blessing in the future because Abraham is their father; when God in Christ Jesus brings about the next stages of His Plan on Earth.

As is recorded in Scripture, Isaac is the father of Jacob (whose name was changed to Israel, meaning “Prince with God”, after his confrontation with God/Angel/ (pre-incarnate Christ Jesus?) Gen. 32:24-30.

However, as is well known in the world’s history, and peoples memory and record, Israel was /is a spectacular failure in their lack of compliance to their seriously undertaken commitment in Troth, to be faithful to their God’s request to not mix with the peoples of Tribes not of their genetic lines; and not to adopt the gods of those pagan peoples; but instead to be a beacon of Truth for their Jehovah!  Also; to show to the pagan tribes, that He was/is the only True God, and Creator of all!

This what they were 'chosen' for; and as such were considered 'Ammi' (My people); a designation of high honour; which was theirs by virtue of the fact that their father (progenitor), was Abraham!  (They did not lose that honoured position, until Acts 28:25-28)!

Instead of doing the right thing by God and honouring their Vows to Him, they descended frequently into total paganism; and at one stage even closed and sealed the Temple of Jehovah in Jerusalem (2Chron. 28:24 & 29:7)!

Their complete failure to honour their word to God; and to be His representative on Earth; is clearly described in detail in the Book of Malachi; and is to their total condemnation.  However; at the same time as recording Israel’s great failure; Malachi, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, gives the message of the hope of Israel in 3:1!

So; the question arises; God who knows the end from the beginning; would also know that His Firstborn son” would end in failure!?

That conclusion/question is quite correct, as is shown in Deuteronomy 28:15 onwards; the whole of the future activity and failure; also the lack of integrity of Israel is detailed, especially in the latter section!

The next question is, why would God Almighty allow such failure to be seen by all the Earth; with such devastating apparent humiliation for Himself and for His “chosen people” (Deut. 7:7-9); with the later destruction of Jerusalem, the slaughter of so many Jews by the Romans, and His people sent into exile worldwide, the “Diaspora” in AD 69-70; which is still in place despite the recent formation of the State of Israel in 1948?

Part of the answer is God’s emphasis on the effect of Satan in Eden (see bottom Link) i.e. to show the impossibility of human success in overcoming Satan’s effective influence on Eve and Adam, and the introduction of the consequential death curse by Almighty God in response.  The outcome for “His Firstborn son” underlines the futility of all human effort against Satan’s triumph in Eden; because, as the great Apostle Paul wrote; humans in their present condition (fallen state) cannot help but sin, both knowingly and unknowingly!

The Eden event, at the beginning of this Creation (see bottom Link), although an apparent failure for Almighty God, and success for Satan in his proclamation of “surely though shalt not die” (Gen. 3:4); and with Satan’s propagation ever since of the same lie through the “eternal soul” myth; seems to undo for ever the possibility of Truth emerging!  However; in Gen. 3:15 is the answer to Satan’s assault on Eve and Adam (vicarious for all mankind), in God’s address to Satan.  The seed of the woman shall crush your head, referring to the post crucifixion and post Millennial events, and you shall bruise His heel” (paraphrased).

The above mentioned Gen. 3:15 is the promised emergence of the Only Begotten Son”!

The comment in the first paragraph, that He would save His people from their sins starts to show here, as Jesus was born to a Jew (Mary), and importantly, was conceived of her by “the Holy Ghost” (Holy Spirit) the third person of the Godhead; (Luke 1:35; 1:31 & 2:21); and that His Name was to be Jesus (literally Saviour).

This was in fulfilment of Prophecy (Isa. 7:14) “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel”, which is translated, God with us”.

So, Jesus was born a Jew, as prophesied "of David's line", and His mission was to the Jews as he frequently stated (Matt. 10:6 & 15:24; and in prophecy Jer. 50:6).  It must be born in mind here, that this was only the case until Acts 28:28, when Israel finally rejected Jesus as their Messiah; after which the Salvation of God was opened up to the whole world, with the Gentiles first in God’s priority, whereas up to Acts 28:28, the Jew was God’s first priority!  This does not mean that Israel is rejected by God for ever, as is the teaching of some Groups in the world; it means that they are “set aside” for a  period of time, until “the time of the Gentiles is complete”; (see Link below and Luke 21:24); but can enter the “Body of Christ”, on the same terms as Gentiles!

The comment by John in 1:29 then became de-facto, The Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world applied; and still does to all people who take the Word of God, embodied in Christ Jesus into their hearts in faith as said above, “including Jews”; which seals them in Heaven, until they are resurrected by Jesus the Christ Himself; who holds the keys to eternal life for all who die in Him, and their spirit (not their dead soul; see Link below) resides with Him at the death of the person of faith until the work He must yet undertake is completed for the Father (see: www.revelationsmessage.co.uk).

So we have seen that “the Firstborn son” could not achieve what was only possible for the supernatural “Only Begotten Son”; as He was/is Divine; of the Godhead; and only He could undo what the supernatural Satan had caused!

However; there is yet much further to go in the Plan of God, as “the Firstborn son” is yet to fulfil a role on Earth as a “Kingdom of Priests unto God” (Rev. 1:6 & Ex. 19:6); which will be in another “Age” called the Millennial (or the “Kingdom of God” on Earth); which will be after the “great Tribulation” which in the Old Testament is called “Jacob’s Trouble” in prophecy (Jer. 30:7).

After that time, the prophecy that they would be a blessing to all Nations of the world will start to have fulfilment (Zech. 8:23)!

Also; “The Only Begotten Son” will have a Role at that time as “Great High Priest, in the Order of Melchisedek” (Psm. 110:4; Zech. 6:13; Heb. 5:6-10 & 6:20) which will be in Jerusalem for 1000 years!

That cannot start until He has completed His role in Heaven (as the only one found Worthy, Rev. 6 and 7); to release the “seals” of retribution on the peoples of Earth from God Almighty; who have mistreated “His Firstborn son”; who have rejected and ridiculed God Himself; and who have also rejected His Christ; (The Anointed One)!

When that stage is reached; the statement by God to His Son; “Sit at My right hand, till I make Your enemies Your footstool” (Psm. 110:1; Matt. 22:44; Mark 12:36 & 16:19; Luke 20:42-43; Acts 2:34-35; 1Cor. 15:25-28 Eph.1:22-23 & Col. 3:1); will have been completed, and He will be free to return to Earth to Judge the surviving nations, as to how they have treated “His Firstborn son” (Matt. 25:31-46); not forgetting Jehovah God's great love for them; Deut. 7:7-9!

We now have the condition on Earth described in John 1:29, “when all who will may come” to Christ Jesus for Salvation (Acts 4:12); and then they are “Sealed” (2Cor. 1:22; Eph. 1:13 & 4:30); awaiting the great Resurrection call to rise from death into the life of Him “who is the author of all Life”; and who holds their “spirit” in waiting that call!  

This "great Salvation” in Christ Jesus is the total anti-thesis to the death sentence instigated by Satan on Adam and Eve (and all the world’s peoples); and the lie Satan still tells congregations and Christendom, that there is no death of the soul, and that it survives death in a limbo state; or that “the soul” goes to Heaven or Hell (see Links below)!

No; Earthly death is the end of the “living soul” (or body, as defined in Gen. 2:7).  Interestingly, the same term is used of animals in Gen.1. 

In Summary:

Only “the Begotten Son” could undo what was instigated by Satan in Eden!

Only “the Begotten Son” can give life eternal to any person who asks Him for it!

Only “the Begotten Son” can raise the dead person to life; as there is no “eternal soul” as many religions teach!

Only He has been given the “authority” and power to raise dead people to life (Matt. 28:18 & Dan. 7:13-14)! 

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