Honesty before the Holy Spirit


Can the story of Ananias and Sapphira be seen as an act of a scammer? Why?



Not a “scammer” just dishonesty before the Holy Spirit!

The Acts of the Apostles was a special time when the Holy Spirit had been bestowed on the Jews (Acts 2), and it was intended that it be the beginning of the promised “New Covenant” that Jesus preached.

It was intended for “the Jew first”, but they failed in the main to understand or listen to the Apostle Paul, who had been specially selected to explain the remarkable events, after his dramatic conversion, and time alone with the Lord, prior to engaging with the Jewish Sanhedrin and the individual Synagogues.

As is shown in Acts10:22, the “Good News” was not to be withheld from the Gentiles, as Cornelius is instructed by an angelic messenger to meet Paul; but, the priority was to be with the Jews!

This continued until Acts 28:25–28, when Paul was finally told by God to issue the prophecy of Isa.6:9–10, which relegated the Jews to Lo-Ammi, and the Gentiles to “first” in priority of God for the Good News of Christ Jesus’ Gift of Salvation!

That position has held ever since, and will not change until the events of Zech.12:10, which may not be too far away, when considering that Israel has been re-born for approx. 70 years, and the events on the world stage are looking ominous!

So; returning to your question/statement, that time was special for the Holy Spirit’s gifting to Jewish people; but, also demanded new, clean actioned behaviour, as will be seen in the future, which led to the death of Ananias and Sapphira!

A major part of the failure of Israel was the erroneous teaching from the leaders, which will be answered for them at their meeting with God/Jesus, in the Millennial Temple, and elsewhere.  See: The Apostle Paul:


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