Holy Spirit in Acts, and Now!


Question:   How do we walk in the spirit according to Romans 8:1?


It is important to remember that Romans was written in AD 58 approx.

Why is that date significant?  Because the Holy Spirit had been given in power in Acts 2, (AD 30 approx.), and much miraculous activity was available to the people gathered in Jerusalem (almost exclusively Jews).

The Spiritual Power given had been prophesied by particularly Joel, and there are many recorded events in Acts that confirm this.

Paul, the leading Apostle after the Jerusalem Council of approx. AD40 evangelized all over the Mid-East, and eventually Rome.

Almost all of the resistance he met was from the Jewish hierarchy, and he made a special point of always visiting the local Synagogue first (as the Apostle to the Jews, at that stage).

The actions of the Holy Spirit were very obvious in the day-to-day activities of Paul and his colleagues, and anyone not honouring the indwelling Holy Spirit (at that special time), was made clearly obvious to all (ie, Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5:11)!

That was a very special time and was a show of the Love of God to His chosen people the Jews, and despite the awful way they had rejected their Messiah, Christ Jesus, He was giving them further Loving leeway to accept what Jesus had repeatedly said to them: “I come only to the lost sheep of Israel” (Matt. 15:24, 10:6–8), at that time.

Had Israel accepted what Jesus said, John the Baptist would have been (“as Elijah” Malachi 4:5, Matt.11:14) and the events of the Millennial would have transpired!

That did not happen, and in Acts 28:25–28, Paul under the direction of Christ’s Holy Spirit stated the prophecy of Isa. 6:9–10, which placed the Jewish nation in the prophesied “Lo-Ammi” condition they are still in AD 61 approx; and will remain in until the events of Zech. 12:10!  (See: Hos. 1&2).

Paul at that stage then focussed all his efforts on the “Gentiles, (“and they will hear” Acts 28:28).

The reason for this long explanation is that very few people on Earth are not confused by the above, and most never get to understand the difference!

The Holy Spirit of the obvious power shown in Acts was changed at v28:25–28, and that level of power will be seen again in the events yet to be in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, when the stage is reached of “Jacob’s Trouble” is reached, (Jer. 30:6–8)!  (See: Jacob's Trouble ).

Turning to your question; the above preamble is needed to differentiate what is now the position re. the availability of the Holy Spirit, and as it was seen in Acts.

When a person turns to Christ Jesus now in Truth, they are given cover by His Spirit, which “indwells” the person.  In some cases, there is a dramatic change in the person, but in most cases, a change is gradual for the rest of their Earth life!  There is constant communication with the Risen Lord, which can be almost imperceptible, or otherwise, which is often/ usually linked to the “free-will” of the person.  The person is “sealed in Heavenly places” Eph. 2:4--10.

After death or Resurrection, the Christian (Christ--Ones), meets Jesus face to Face, for final cleansings of things not dealt with whilst alive, Rom.14:10, and for rewards.


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