Holy Spirit in Acts


Question:  Can you explain Acts 8:12-17?


Up to Acts 28:25–28, a special Dispensation prevailed.

The major effort was with the Jews, as is seen in Acts 2, almost all the people gathered in Jerusalem were Jews, and they had priority in God’s Plan of Salvation.

The method in many cases when receiving the Holy Spirit was to lay hands on the head, if especially people had not been blessed as per. Acts 2.

As mentioned above, that was a very special time, and the Jews were given exceptional powers, including the ability to heal, which was to confirm the Words of Jesus, and prophecy in Joel!

When Acts 28 was reached, and because of the disbelief shown by many of the Jewish leaders, the Apostle Paul was moved to issue the statement by God in Isa. 6:9–10, which was also prophesied in Hos. 1&2; and the Jews became Lo-Ammi, (not My people)!

The Gospel of Christ-Jesus was then sent to the Gentiles, “and they will hear”, which is still the case and will remain so until the time of Romans 9:25–26, which will coincide with Zech.12:10!

But until that time, a veil is over their understanding, 2Cor.3:13–16.

However, that change will not transpire until “the number of the Gentiles is complete” Rom. 11:25!


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