Holy City (Jerusalem trodden down) 11:2

Extracts and comments from Revelation CHAPTER 11:2



(a)But the court which is outside the Holy Place (a)cast out, and (b)measure it not; for it was (c)given unto the Nations: and the holy city shall they tread under foot (d)forty and two months.  

(c) "Given unto the Nations"; etc.  So in the yet future the "holy city", shall be abused by foreign Nations, i.e. not Jews!, except for a very small portion "measured" by John, for the Holy Spirit.

Since AD. 70, that has been the case, i.e. European Crusades, and various other turmoil’s based on Jerusalem since.  The reference above is both applicable to our history, but more importantly to the “end times”, or end of the Age, mentioned in Daniel and elsewhere.  The big question is where is this "naos", or holy area.  From other prophecy (Dan. etc.), we know that a Temple will exist in the time of Antichrist, in the 7 year period known as the 70th week of years (Dan. 9).  At the present time it is generally thought by those that read, know and think on these things that the site of the Temple will be where the previous Temples (Solomon's) & (Herod's) had been, and where the present foundations still exist.  One side of these foundations is known as "the wailing wall", which is much venerated by the Jews, and had been excluded from them for many centuries by various Gentile rulers, until the 1967 war, which united Jerusalem under Jewish rule for the first time for approx. 2000 years; although the ‘Dome of the Rock’ is used mainly by the adherents of the Islamic faith.

The Temple that will be built for the 7 year "countdown" period, may or may not be the same site as that in V.2 "measured", by John.  The certainty is that in this visionary state ("in the Spirit", Rev. 1:10) that John is in, the unchangeable facts are shown, "the Holy Place", "the Alter", "them that worship therein", are in a state of Divine protection and control, in the terrible events which are to take place in Jerusalem. 

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