Hesed Emeth  (Devotion)

Extracts and comments from Revelation Chapter 1:4 



John to the seven (a)Churches which are in Asia: (b)Grace be unto you and peace from (c)Him, Which is, and Which was, and Which is to come; and from (d)the seven Spirit beings, which are before His throne.  

(b)  Grace; see John 1:14.  The Lord in His flesh was the embodiment of Grace and Truth, which in the Hebraism means Divine Revelation (Comp. Pg. 1513).   The Hebrew words "Hesed Emeth", devotion.  (These words vary in the spelling, see below).

Hesed; Loving kindness, steadfast love, grace, mercy faithfulness, goodness.

Emet; Truth, reliability, fidelity.

See fig. Hendiadys (two for one) [Dr. Bullinger's Figures of Speech p.656].

So when "Truth", or "Grace", are read; understand "Grace and Truth", re. Christ, and the Father. 

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