Hell's Punishment?


Not many will agree with the following comments, but it is hard to escape the facts, when careful study of Revelation is made.  The popular and common "concept" of "Hell" is that of the RCC (Roman Catholic Church) and some Protestant Religions.  See: Hell;    

In the opinion of the writers, after careful study, and not forgetting the "opinion" of most people on this controversial subject, will vary with the following; it seems clear that Chapter 14 of Revelation is mixed together with Chapter 20, but is in fact one following the other in description,1000 years apart. 

When taking Chp.14 vs. 9 to 11, the "tortured" ones, are "the beast" and "those that receive his mark of his name", and who worshipped him or his image"!  We know from other parts of Scripture that the "beast" is the highest representative of Satan on Earth, and that his rise to power is partly during the remaining 7 years of the 490 year prophecy to Daniel, and that those 7 years and the events of Revelation are primarily (but not exclusivelyJewish.  

Verse 10 of Chp. 14 is where most people are sickened on a cursory reading; and where not sufficient care or prayerful study is undertaken, so as to try to see the real meanings. 

"The Wrath of God" is here realizing His anger against Satan’s servants, in the form of "the beast" and his minions, which have been in action since Eden, and perhaps before!  The untold misery perpetrated / caused by Satan and his demons and his people, are here being expanded and shown to be punished, and rightly so, not forgetting that all is being witnessed by Heavenly Creation!

However; this specific event in Rev. 14:10-11, is due to the suffering that the "beast" will inflict, together with those receiving his "mark"on the Nation and people of Israelduring the period of "Jacob’s Trouble", which is for 3½ years, to the end of the "seven year period". 

Remembering that their punishment is during the "Millennial"and that Satan is “bound in the bottomless pit” during this period (Rev. 20:2-3), and he is to be released "for a little period" at the latter part of Millennial (Rev. 20:7-9); he, as the Origin of Evil and Sin and sinning, (Did God create Evil:) must await his own punishment, which is in abeyance, and is described below. 

What is not generally known, is that the phrase in Rev.14:11 "Strongs Greek 165 for ever and ever" translates correctly to "unto Age of Ages" which has a specific meaning in the Jewish context "of a limited time period" of a "Messianic Period"!  Not forgetting also that this refers to humans, v.9; see notes below. 

What this says is that this specific "punishmentis during the Messianic Period; and not as commonly stated "for ever and ever", and not to supernatural beings but humans, the 'beast', false prophet and Anti-Christ, all seem to have human origins; but are 'empowered' by Satan.  Some are of the opinion that these latter 3 are of superhuman origin!  

What then of Chapter 20?  In the opinion of the writers, this is much later, approx. 1000 years later.  The events are those of the Great White Throne Judgment of vs. 11 to 15.

There are multiple mistranslations of v.14, and it should read: "And death and the grave (translated Hell) were cast into the Lake of Fire.  This is the second death, the Lake of Fire".

The translation of AD 1611, stating that "Hell" had been destroyed, causes much confusion, but the correction to "grave" clarifies that error!

The end bit "the Lake of Fire" is usually left off, but is in the Manuscripts; and changes the meaning!

Jesus referred to the second death, as the one to be feared, not the first, (Matt. 10:28).   

The "Lake of Fire" in Chp. 20, is in the writers opinion probably, the same place as Chp. 14; as confirmed by v.10 of Chp. 20, and where Satan joins his servants one thousand years later; for in his case (see bottom) eternal punishment with the beast" or destruction, see below App. 151. 

There is here in the Text, the apparent certainty that the “punishment” of Satan, the beast, and his demons, are punished for ever, however, there are two main views on this, 1) "for ever", and 2) "to an Age", see App. 151 Companion Bible.  Regarding those of 14:9, humans, it is possible that they also may be in the same punishment as Satan etc., as his servants and worshippers.  However, as humans, they are subject to the second death, as that sentence it seems was only ever related to humans, not Satan and angels etc.  This would imply that the "Millennial Period Punishment" was specific to them as worshippers of Satan, and recipients of his mark. 

Those subject to examination from the "books" of Rev. 20:12, may have other destinations, especially considering that only those of Rev. 20:15 are cast into the "Lake of Fire".  The second death.  As Almighty God knows the hearts of people, it is certain that His decisions on people at the Great White Throne Judgment are totally righteous.  See: Book of Life:   

Many people are under the impression that "innocent babies, and others mentally or emotionally incapable" are subject to destruction.  That is not the case in the opinion of the writers, as those people are under special care and protection in the eternal sense.  That applies to all who die before the age of responsibility, or emotional/ mental incapacity, including all terminated pregnancies! 

All of this is just before Almighty God Creates a "new Heaven and Earth", and "new Jerusalem" of  Rev. Chp. 21.

See also:  App.151 of Companion Bible. 

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