God's Gentiles  Blessing

There is much confused thinking and teaching on the subject of the world’s Jews and Gentiles.  If people would study the Bible as the only authority as to knowing the answers to such questions; there would not be so much confusion; but; as Satan is the “prince of this world”, and “god of this world” according to statements by both Jesus and Apostle Paul: Jn. 12:31, 14:30, 16:11, Eph. 2:2 and 2Cor. 4:4; and as many people will not refer to Scripture only, the confusion will continue to Satan’s benefit till the end of this Age!

An old fallacy that is rearing its head again in the world’s teachings, is that Satan was “bound at the cross of Calvary”!  If a person accepts that as fact, their Bible study must start at Rev. 20, where the statement is made that Satan is bound!  This then throws out of sequence all their subsequent study, as they hang on to that false idea; and leaves them living now in the Millennial; which makes all other study difficult if not impossible to reconcile!

When confronted with this statement recently by a correspondent, the writer pointed out that Jesus made His comments on Satan prior to His Ascension, but Paul’s was 27 and 31 years after the Ascension; but he refused to budge from his position or do the necessary study to confirm what had been said to him!  This attitude is very common in the world, and is clearly driven and maintained by Satan, and will be until the “Age of the Gentiles is complete” Rom. 11:25.

The reason for mentioning the above encounter is to illustrate the mass misunderstanding and wrong teaching in the world.  When a person has a sincere and prayerful desire to know truth from Scripture, it will be given by the Holy Spirit!

Turning now to the subject of this paper, definition of Jew and Gentile is needed.

All Jews are descendants of Abraham and Sarah, and their miracle son Isaac.  The only exceptions to that rule are genuine Proselytes. Gentiles are all other people of the world in all Nations. 

The first reference in Scripture to Gentile blessing is Gen. 22:18: “And in thy seed shall all Nations of the world be blessed; because thou hast obeyed My voice".

It needs to be emphasized here that Abraham’s obedience was the key to the Gentile future blessing!  Obedience, or the lack of it, was to be the success or failure of Israel’s future progress with Jehovah (God in Covenant relationship with Israel Gen. 13:17; 17:4 17:11 and 17:13).

This principle of obedience, which was a condition, stipulated by Jehovah, had to be honoured by Israel for all the blessings promised to be delivered by Jehovah!

At the Exodus, Israel was elevated to “My first born son” by Jehovah Ex. 4:22, and the “oracles” of God entrusted to them.  See:  "Israel; My Firstborn son".      

This entailed the responsibility to witness to the tribes adjacent to them of the “One true God”; not engaging in sexual relations with their women; behaving in a way which honoured their Jehovah; and not adopting or engaging the pagan gods of those people and tribes.  The details of these stipulations by God were recorded in Deuteronomy, including Israel’s promises to adhere to them.

In return for their faithful adherence to their promise; Jehovah promised blessings in the enterprise, of protection, growth, success in battle etc.; all of which would be seen by the Nations surrounding them in the “Promised Land”!  That would fill them with awe, and make them want to know “the God of the Jews”!

If Israel did not do the right things by God, and their promises to Him, He spelt out what would be the result in Deut. 28 to 32; which has been, and still is partially their condition today!

So; now we see that Israel has been relieved of their special place as God’s special representative on Earth due to their infidelity to their Jehovah God!

See: The position of the Jews in Scripture, Old and New Testaments.      

The Scribes and Pharisees     

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What then has happened to the “Oracles” of God in the world?  What is the position regarding God’s witness to all mankind?

When Jesus was denounced by the Jewish Sanhedrin, and the people in front of Pilate; sent to the Roman cross for execution; He on the cross, prior to giving up His spirit of life to the Father, said; “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do”!

At His resurrection He stated to His disciples that at Pentecost they would receive the “Holy Spirit” to enable them in their evangelistic work; and that they would do great things in His Name among His people “and those that thou hast given Me”, John  17:20 and 24, which referred to both Jews and Gentiles; but the Jews were first in order as they were still "Ammi"; (My people), and subject to the Mosaic Law and Deuteronomy's blessings and curses.  All this which was confirmed by Paul and all the Apostles, particularly in Paul's letters.  Paul always during his evangelical journeys in Acts, visited the local Synagogue first to preach the Good News of Christ’s Sacrifice for the Jews; (this was mandated by the Holy Spirit, who was directing Paul’s efforts)! 

All the Synagogue’s rejected Paul’s efforts, the last being Rome, and as one by one they rejected and excluded him, he then preached in all areas where he would be heard, including public places and private homes!

After the rejection by the Rome Synagogue, Paul then made the profound statement in Acts 28:25-28; that he would from then onward “turn to the Gentiles, and they will hear”!

He had made clear to King Agrippa, that the Risen Christ via the Holy Spirit was instructing him in all his actions; so we know that all that Paul said were the Words of Christ Jesus, as His mouthpiece!

Since that time at the end of the Acts; the prayer of our Lord on the cross for the Jewish people ran out; and they were “set to one side”, “Lo-Ammi”, (Hos. 1 and 2); which will be the case until they are re-adopted to Ammi; probably in the near future, looking at the world political situations, especially the Middle East!

The statement by Paul at Acts 28:28, has changed the priority of God’s dealings in the world, and since then the Gentiles became first priority, responsible for the “oracles” of God, the Salvation message of Christ Jesus to the world's peoples, with the Jews second; which is explained by Paul in Eph. 3:3-6.

For the Jews, this was impossible to contemplate, as they always consider themselves as the first in God’s love and dealings, despite their rebellion and backsliding!

This transition has been misused and misunderstood by many groups, starting with the “Church fathers” see: Replacement Theology.  This has led to much wrong teaching and wrong attitude towards the Jews, which will not be corrected until the “sheep and goat judgement” of Matt. 25:31-46, seeSheep and Goat Judgement.         

Prior to that, this “Age” of the Gentiles must be completed, (which started at end of Acts with Paul’s statement at the last of the Jewish Synagogues in Rome; in Acts: 28:25-28).  At that point, instead of the Gentiles being used “to provoke the Jews to jealousy”; they moved in God’s Plan into prime (first) position; to evangelise Jesus’ Salvation to the World; because the Jews refused!  Romans 11:25.

When that “completion” is de-facto, the Gentile Age gives way to “the Day of the Lord”, Rev. 1:10; (the Day of Jehovah Zebaoth) (God of all the World’s peoples) which is very decisive for both Jews and Gentiles.

The Anti-Christ will have his way with both Jews and Gentiles; the Jews experiencing “Jacob’s Trouble”: See: Jacob's Trouble  and the Gentiles the Wrath of God for their treatment of the Jews and their rejection of Christ Jesus!

It was shown above that Abraham’s blessing was because he obeyed God.  Israel’s blessing is in abeyance because they disobeyed God!  Our blessing is still on offer because Christ Jesus obeyed His Father; which allows all the world's peoples to be blessed; and saved from destruction by obedience to the “call” of God in Christ Jesus!


Summary: at present the offer of God of the Salvation of Christ is still open.  This means that all people, both Jew and Gentile can be saved from destruction; but they must exercise their God given free-will to accept that great Salvation! 

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