God's Titles

Extract and comments from Revelation Chp. 1 

1.8   (a)"I am (the) Alpha and Omega", saith the Lord God, Which is, and Which was, and Which is to come, the (b)Almighty. 

(a)   See Rev. 22:12-16.  The most clear and powerful statement as to who is speaking, and also who Christ is.  The reference 'I AM' refers back to the Old Testament Ex. 3:14 when Almighty God answered Moses.  This first comment on His Name and His Entity links Revelation again to the Almighty's purpose in His chosen people Israel, and in the statement "Which is to come", shows that the whole of His plan will be completed at Rev. 22.  The whole subject of the Divine Names of Almighty God is covered in the Companion Bible App. 98, by Dr. Bullinger. 

(b)   (Grk. Pantokrator), Creator God, in relationship to all He has Created.  This shows God is addressing all Creation, Israel, all the tribes of the Earth, and all other beings whether spiritual or physical.  Also, that God as Jehovah, and God as Christ are in unison in Revelation.  See Zech. 2:11 and 14:9.  (The titles of God given in the manuscripts, always indicates whom He is addressing, or relating to.  The R.C. and English Church translators, changed the titles given by the Holy Spirit to the original scribes, to "Lord" or "the Lord", which to the average reader of the Bible, takes away true context and meaning as to whom God is talking to!  The result is confusion, as what is meant for Israel is taught as for the Church (Christendom), and visa-versa, and excludes completely when God is speaking to all, as in the case of Jehovah Zebaoth (God of all the Earth's peoples)!


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