God Jealous?



Question: In Exodus 20:5, God says, “for I the Lord Thy God am a jealous God.  Why is God jealous?


Satan through Eve and Adam has successfully created a mess, and sin, death, and evil are now in the world!

God has allowed Satan to try to obtain superiority and control of all humans!

In that process, God’s Son, Christ Jesus, has fulfilled the prophecy of Gen. 3:15, and made possible eternal life, despite Satan’s efforts!

God, therefore, is “jealous” of all who will seek Jesus for Salvation and Eternal life, and to worship Satan is tantamount to rebelling against God, which is where Lucifer/ Satan began!

Satan stands for all evil!

God stands for all Good and Righteousness!

You make the choice in your free-will, which do you prefer?

Therefore God is Jealous for your Salvation, and for your Eternal life!

To try to equate the human definition of Jealousy with that of the Divine Creator and Saviour is not possible!

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