Four living Creatures


Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 4


4.6   And before the throne (a)as it were a glassy sea liked to crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, (b)four living ones / creatures (c)full of eyes before and behind. 

(b)  "Four Living creatures"  (Zoa), (Greek Zoon, Str. 2226, “a live thing”, “an animal”, “beast, these are clearly God serving creatures”).  The word "beast” in Chp. 13 & 17, is  Str. 2342  mean “dangerous, wild, venomous beast”.   (The beasts of Rev. 13 & 17, and the powers of Zech. 1:17-21, and in Daniel and elsewhere in O.T., probably have correlation as powers of the Gentiles used by Jehovah to punish and scatter Israel and Judah, for their sin and unfaithfulness).  

These in verse 6 are the cherubims of Gen. 3:24, Ezk. 1:5-14 & 10:20.  They are distinguished from Angels, 5:8-11.  They (the Zoa) are mentioned after the Fall, also as above in Ezekiel, and here in Revelation.  They speak of Creation, and of Redemption (Comp. page 1889).  Being four in number, they pertain to the Earth and material Creation.  They are clearly special servants of the Almighty, and in each description in Scripture are functioning for the Almighty in relationship to His firm actions with the Earth / Israel.  The remarkable fact is that the previous mention in Scripture of these Creatures (Ezk. 1:10) (Cherubim), is when Jehovah God is about to depart from the Temple in Jerusalem (Ezk. 9:3, 10:14, 10:18 & 11:23),  because  of  the unremitting sin of Israel, (Ezk. 3:7, and many other references).  Here, the Zoa are mentioned at a critical point prior to, the saving of the remnant of Israel, and probably/possibly, just prior to, or overlapping with Jehovah Zebaoth’s dealing in wrath with the Nations of the Earth, (Matt. 24, and many other references).  The setting up of the Millennial Kingdom is subsequent to those events.


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