Forty & Two Months, Rev. Chp. 11:2 

Extracts and comments from Revelation Chapter 11:2 

11:2   (a)But the court which is outside the Holy Place (a)cast out, and (b)measure it not; for it was (c)given unto the Nations: and the holy city shall they tread under foot (d)forty and two months. 

(d"Forty and two months"; this period of time in years is 3½.  The Jewish year (360 days) period is 1,260 days.  Usually in Scripture when time periods are given in days relating to the Jews, it indicates turbulent, troubled or persecution periods for the Jewish people.  This is no exception, and relates to the second ½ of the 70th week of years of Dan. 9:27, but is also blessedly close to the end of the prophesied period of Dan. 9; detail of which is given in Dan. 11:36-45.

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