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In early 2015, the writers were having a pleasant lunch in Cape Town, V & A; when conversation commenced with the male occupant of the next table, instigated by him.  He stated that “he was a retired head hunter” from the UK, and opened the conversation with a few general remarks and questions.  These progressed to more specifics re. world politics; and he was referred to our Website, as he seemed interested in the fact of our writings although the subject at that stage had not been broached!

Shortly after, when he had returned to the UK, we received an email with comments on our writings, which were critical of our opinion of Evolution.  He was referred to a number of qualified comments and papers in our Subjectindex list, but he declined to do the necessary serious work on their study; which we have found is common with many people, when considering the importance of the subject!

A few more exchanges took place by email; and the only thing we agreed on is the fact of the controlling power of religions and other entities over people!

This paper is the result of those exchanges and is intended to point serious minded people to the gradual and logical study of the subjects by which Authorities try to exert control of populations around the world; and which in Christianity accelerated with the Roman Church under Constantine, and his mother; but which had been copied from the Babylonian model with many of the same elements incorporated into the R.C. teachings and method!  (See: Why the Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church is not of God Almighty:).

That principle extended into the many Protestant religions after Martin Luther etc., and is particularly in the State Churches, such as C. of E. etc.  The model however as said above is only a copy of that of Ancient Babylon, and other ‘power groups’ such as Kings, Politicians etc., have used it well for their purposes.  This is now a worldwide fact, and has spread from the original Babylon model worldwide.  (See: Mystery Babylon:).  

As populations have become more educated they object to this mode of control, and it is one of the main reasons that ‘Religion’ is now so despised by many thinking people!  This of course has made the advent of ‘Evolution Theory’ very acceptable since the mid -- 19th century; as the incorrect and perverse teaching of religions can be ‘cast off’, leaving people feeling free, and without the thought of ‘accountability’ to a ‘wrathful God’ (which is the false teaching of many of those groups)!

They are however, mostly left with a feeling ‘that all is not right’, in their new freedom!  (See: Gross Neglect by Church Teachers and Leaders of Coming Events:).

At this stage it is stated that Science and Religions are two of the main contenders for the minds and hearts of people, which Politicians and others seek to harness for their own selfish and often corrupt purposes.  Both Science and Religion have corrupted the relative purity of their origins, and their stated objectives; and that is especially true of the religions of the Bible, where the main problem is the erroneous teachings of the last 2000 years; and the power grab by its leaders!  (SeeSUBJECTS GROUPED heading ‘Teachings’). 

Science; duplicitously works its brain washing in peoples basic schooling stating, “always works on the basis of proof"; as our Science masters would say.  But now it does not; especially in frontline Science!  The major topic of debate now for approx. the last 150 years, is the origin of life.  There was until approx. mid – 19th century almost unquestioned adherence to State Religion in the West, until the “Great Debate” at Oxford University in the mid.1800s, due to the publication of Charles Darwin’s "Origin of Species”.  This left Christendom in a poor second place relative to Evolution; and it has been declining ever since; except perhaps for the Roman Church (see Link above and below). 

Regarding Evolution; this “Theory” has become very popular with perhaps the majority of people who consider that they are “intelligent” and many people are afraid to be seen as not adhering to the “current theory”; or to stand for an alternative; as that is the current brain washing pressure in educated circles!  However, since the advent of DNA deciphering, many Scientists are changing their minds regarding Evolution due to the magnificence complexity of the code in every human and animal cell!  (See: DNA, the tiny code that is toppling Evolution  By Mario Sieglie).

See comments below on the part played by the "Smithsonian Institute" as reported by the Press and Internet.

The Smithsonian Institute was subject to a Supreme Court action in 2014, that ruled in 2015 that documentation of the destruction of thousands of Ancient humanoid giant skeletal remains in the 1800s be “declassified”.  The destructive actions were “apparently” taken, to not conflict with the new Evolution "Theory" of Charles Darwin, and others.  The age of the remains is so destructive of Darwin’s theory embodied in his book “Origins of Species”, that Governments and Scientific Authorities conspire to “Deny and Destroy” the conflicting evident at the time.  They have since denied their destructive actions; but are now not believed by the world’s educated populous. 

Their actions are made worse by the many further finds of very Ancient giant humanoid fossils on all Continents, including recently Australia!!  (See: Old Strange Relics Ignored by Science: )  (By Dr. J.R. Jochmans, Litt.D.) 

As well as the actions taken by "interest groups” as above, the DNA developments in particular have given Evolutionists one of the biggest setbacks and objections to their dogma; and, as they are at a loss to explain how it could exist in the unproven ‘Evolution’ of Darwin and Alfred Wallis; they have the tendency to dismiss or deny the amazingly complex DNA construction; or remain silent.

DNA is so complex and extensively constructed, that even a cursory understanding of it, leaves the observer silent with wonder (see: Mario Sieglie’s Paper above)!  Many Scientists have been converted to the opinion of a Creator or Designer of DNA, such is the simple logic if its magnificent construction.

Until the recent deciphering of DNA many Ancient (and or under developed) peoples around the world, were used and cited by Evolutionists “as evidence of Evolution”; such as the Australian  Aboriginals.  When DNA testing was undertaken it was concluded that the N.W. Aboriginals were descended from a Nomadic Indian tribe, south of the Himalayas who used boomerangs; and had crossed over to Australia approx. 2 – 4000 years ago from the Islands north of Australia, who were descended from Shem and Japheth.  Europeans’, South and Mid Asians are the descendants of these two sons of Noah!

The West Australian Aboriginals were from Africa, which descendants are from Ham.  The two groups only had limited interaction in Australia; as the genepool analysis showed the total population only reached 3 – 400,000.  Because of their relative isolation, they did not develop at the same pace as more “central” populations, as their needs for warfare etc. remained primitive!

Evolution theory is corrupt due to lack of "proof", regarding its many avenues!  (See Discovery Institute; and Links listing), and its many falsifications, bogus 'discoveries' and perverted teachings (see bottom links).  However; it now has attained “cult status”; with many obdurate power groupings who refuse to examine new evidence whilst they hold the reins of power; and refuse in many cases funding for research, where they are resisted; (see; Velikovsky Link).

The Velikovsky shameful history is very revealing both in its portrayal of how human progress can be easily held back by the worst of human pride, arrogance, and low motive.

Velikovsky’s case (as an accredited Scientist) is particularly interesting, due to the fact that he was an openly non-religious person; and his ideas and theories were so advanced at the time he conceived them!  Because these ideas were so controversial he was isolated and ostracised nearly all his life, and only recently is Science admitting to his ideas having veracity, as they strive to make sense of their increasingly discredited theories on Evolution.

One of Velikovsky’s ideas has recently been and is still being seriously investigated “The Universal Plasma Connection of all Planets (Matter)”.  This is now seen as a real and distinct possibility; and even challenges Isaac Newton’s “Gravity Theory”!  (In 2016, a news report in the UK stated that “Gravity Waves” had been discovered, which it stated had proved Einstein’s theory!  However, a caveat was inserted stating that more “testing is needed”!

More importantly from the point of view of the “Origins of Life”; are Velikovsky’s findings in his serious work in his book "Earth in Upheaval”.  In this Velikovsky proved through careful research work and exploration, that every 30 – 50,000 years, the Earth experiences massive catastrophe; which destroys all known life.  In this work, he explored crevice deposits around the world, and islands made up entirely of animal remains; in none of which did he find human remains!  (See: Genesis 1:1 Enigma).

The extinction of life also possibly links to the strange phenomenon of reversal of “Polarity” re. North and South Poles!  This has been thoroughly checked and found to be the case in Earth strata; which has left “Science” with egg on its face; due to the fact that in its "Evolution Theory"; the basic requirement is what is  known as “The Steady State"; which requires millions upon millions of years of steady uninterrupted conducive and benign conditions; for life to progress and change to what we know today, but DNA analysis has concluded that Evolution is not possible, but adaption is! 

Velikovsky’s findings and opinions shocked the Scientific community but interested greatly his old friend Einstein, who encouraged him to continue his work; which he did right up to this death in 1979. 

His books and papers are still published and available for the serious minded, who are prepared to re-examine the obdurate and brain washed world of Evolution!  

What has also to be borne in mind is the comment by Charles Darwin in his writings, that God must have given the original spark of life"; this was after Science had failed to produce any life other than amino – acid chains, in their Laboratory experiments; and it has been stated by more than one commentator that "Darwin's ideas on adaption are certainly valid, but he took the idea too far, re. projecting backwards to origins of all animal life".  This seems to be the case, as his discussions with Lady Hope show at the end of his life.  His comment also that "God must have given the original spark of life" also seem to be borne out by the same interaction.   

Darwin said in his writings; “My theory of Evolution should show innumerable transitional forms in Earth strata.  The fact there are none, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory” (paraphrased). 

This lack of “transition fossil data” has been claimed as negated by the discovery of so called “Archaeopteryx”; a bird like fossil; which is said to be the link between modern birds, and the Dinosaurs of millions of years ago.  A huge stretch of credibility's is needed by intelligent people to accept such as true!  The needed links between primitive life forms, ape type creatures and humans, does not exist!  There are “so called” remains being examined, but they cannot be designated “missing links”!  Also the time scales of "steady conducive state" needed to produce "life" in the Darwin Model have never existed on Earth! 

Darwin's comments, and the factual statement regarding his written comment on the “original spark of life”, is totally ignored by Science, in its head long blunder to steamroller all opposition!

(See: Did Darwin become a Christian on his deathbed?  (By Malcolm Bowden)

Also see: SUBJECTS GROUPED heading ‘Evolution.

We have seen above compelling evidence that life on Earth cannot be from the currently held theories of Evolutionists.  For the serious mind, the facts are available to be checked; but most people will not, preferring to hold onto their own unproven dogma, when they realise their backs are against the wall of the stupendous information now available.  Holding on to their pet theory, allows them to delude themselves, that they will not have to face a "God of Creation", after they die!  (Which one wonders why they would be so fearful of that)!

The writers mentioned at the beginning of this paper a man who refused to do the necessary basic study, in response to his own questions! 

So to him, and all of similar mind and probable rigid and biased mentality and denial of facts; a serious and indisputable marker is hereby laid at the door of his and their minds:

Almighty God, (Jehovah of the Jews) and Jehovah Zebaoth of all the world’s people; has stated without reservation that His people Israel will never be completely destroyed!  (Jer. 31:35-37).

We challenge them to remain obdurately against God’s Word and promise, when they see the events prophesied for Israel and the world taking place; probably quite soon; when observing the Mid-east politics and situation (2018)! 


With the current events now in Iraq and Syria etc. (old Babylonia); and the spreading worldwide of aberrant terrorism the prophecies referred to in Revelation Chapter 13 may soon be de-facto. 

However, despite the anti-Semitic build up in the world now being witnessed; there will be a short lull in the troubles for Israel in the future of 3½ years; prior to the worst persecution ever experienced by them, called in Scripture "Jacob's Trouble".

Although it is foolish to try to date events of prophecy, people in the world who are currently (2018) approx. 50 – 70 years of age, may well see in their lifetime Israel’s next major event/trouble; and if they do, they should take seriously the Bible’s comments re. the world, its people, and what will happen to them!  To not do so would be the height of folly and self-neglect; as a decision is required of all peoplewhich will affect their eternal condition and or position.  (See: Israel - Prophecy - The Last Days ,  Jacob's Trouble  and Jehovah's dealings with Israel .            

Having said that, Scripture says that many, many humans will reject the message of God to them, even when the prophesied events are under way on Earth!

Israel was granted Nation status in 1948, by the ‘League of Nations’, now the UN.  In 2018, they will have been in existence, by man’s decree for 70 years. 

As anybody who knows Scripture will attest, the number 70 has special meanings in the Bible, and also its combinations and multiples.  So it is expected that 2018 will be marked by at least “events” in Israel and old Babylonia (Iraq & Syria).  (See: Biblical 7 and 70 Significance). 

It should be noted that from Christ’s birth to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple was 70 years; with a margin of error of approx. + - 2 years, due to the controversial dating of His birth.  Since then the Jews have been dispersed all over the world; and still are.  However the now embryonic state of Israel since 1948, is only the start of a new beginning for the Jews, which will have culmination in a new Age.  "God's Kingdom on Earth"; as per the prayer called the “Lord's Prayer”; which He taught His Disciples; and which is yet to have its true place in the Tribulation period.  

Having said that, Scripture says that many, many humans will reject the message of God to them, even when the prophesied events are under way on Earth; this is a remarkable fact, testified in Revelation, and in the Prophets!

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