Flood, Global or Local?



Question:  Was the flood a global or local flood?



IMO there have been probably many flood events all over the globe!

The reasons for this comment are that there are so many references to floods in many areas of the planet.

That does not mean that they are all the same one at the same time in the same place!

Also, what is clear is that they need not have been very deep floods.

We know from Archaeology that the planet’s poles have flipped many times, ie, positive became negative, and negative positive, repeatedly, as shown in the Earth’s rock layer formation.

These shifts have taken huge time spans, and also involved massive continental drift, to roughly the positions we have today, which are still moving, albeit slowly (a few mm/year)!

The above facts are “established” in the record by science and some human recorded data and script!

The “Biblical” flood IMO, is often mixed together and confused with other local events, which causes doubt and confusion regarding the Bible's account of Noah’s flood, in the minds of “educated” modern peoples!

When one looks at the Biblical event, it needs to be considered in the context of its time location relative to the age of the Earth (approx. 13.5 Billion years old), and then to realize that it is a recent happening in that context (approx. 4.5, to 5 thousand years ago).

The comment by Scripture that “the Lord appeared at the end of the Ages to put away sin” fits the facts of the above, and the realizations of “Age times”!

Also, the concept of “local floods” also makes more sense, re. the many statements as to the depth of water!  (See notes below).

Ark of Noah 

Age of the Earth Controversy: 

Age Times; Rev. Chp. 1:3(a) 



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