Is the decision of Abraham sacrificing his son an example of an unloving father? 


With respect, you are totally misunderstanding this very important event!

You will no doubt remember that Sarah, Abram’s wife was barren regarding having children, but was promised by God that she would bear a son, (Gen. 17:16).

Abram was also promised the same, this when they both were at an advanced age.

In due course of time (God’s timing is always perfect) Sarah conceived and bore a son, Isaac, when she was approx. 91years old, and Abraham 100!

At a certain time, God asked Abraham to take his beloved son away on a journey to Moriah, to offer him as a burnt offering, at a place he would be told!  (Gen. 22:2).

Abraham obeyed God, and when at a certain place, was told to prepare Isaac as a sacrifice to God!

Abraham again obeyed, but just as he was about to slay Isaac, God stopped him; and told him to take a lamb caught in a nearby bush, and to slay that for the sacrifice!  (Gen. 22:12–13; 22:8).

The point of this event was/is to demonstrate the loving obedience, and faith of Abraham to God Almighty; and even more importantly, to prophecy that God Himself would Sacrifice His own Son, Jesus (the Christ) for the sins of the world at a later date, (and the defeat of Satan)!

Also; as seen in Gen. Chp. 17, this whole process was to confirm the “Covenant” between God, Abraham, and the eventual “Chosen people”, Israel.

This great declaration of Faith in God, is confirmed in Hebrews 11; and is the basis of all Salvation, in Old and New Testaments (Old and New Covenants)!

“The just shall live by Faith” (Hab. 2:4; Rom.1:17; Gal.3:11; Heb. 10:38).


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