Ezekiel Temple


What is Ezekiel 40-48 about?


The Ezekiel Temple, and the Restoration of Israel.

Chp.40: the new Temple measurements, all 1/7th larger than Solomon’s Temple.

Chps.41–42: burnt offerings, sin offerings, trespass offerings (40:39)-(42:13).

Chp.43: Jehovah enters the new Temple, and says that Israel will sacrifice to Him (43:18).  Jehovah gives the detail of the sacrifices (vs 19–27).

Chp.44: The Prince enters and leaves via the “East Gate”.  Details of Zadok priest's duties.

Chp.45: the Holy portion of the land, the offerings of the people to the Prince, from the Prince to Jehovah.

Chp.46: the Prince's offerings, and worship to Jehovah.

Chp.47: the water from the side of the temple Alter flows east to the Dead Sea.  The division of the Land and the new borders!

Chp.48: the division of the Land, the Zadok priests, the Princes portion, the Holy oblation, the gates of the City.

No river has flowed from the previous Temples.  Therefore, the new Temple must be for a future time.

The style of worship is similar to that in the Old Testament (Chapters 43-46).  But it is not the same.  There has never been worship quite like this in the past.  Therefore, this style of worship must be for a future time.

The 12 tribes will have equal shares of the land (Chapters 45, 47, 48).  This has not happened in the past and it cannot happen today.  The geography of the region will have to change before this can happen.  Therefore, this division of the land must be in the future.

With the current turmoil and strife in the area of Jerusalem, it is not easy to see how these events can transpire.  However, God has promised to “save” Israel; and He Will do so!

The start has to be after the events of Zech.12:10!

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