Extreme Calvinism Teachings

Extreme Calvinism Teachings 


There is much misunderstanding and wrong teaching on this subject (like many others).  It is stated at this stage, that the following comments are directed at the extreme end of the Calvinist spectrum; and against the type of person it seems to attract!  It is well known that many good men and women who are adherents of the more moderate teachings of the Synod of Dort, are embarrassed by the unseemly behaviour and extreme pronouncements of their more vociferous Members; some who seem to go out of their way to browbeat, even their own Members.

It has to be remembered, that Calvin refused to sanction the Definitions that bear his name, but stated prior to his death that "Election is related to the person and work of Christ"; which all true Christians will agree with as Christ Jesus is the "elect" of God; and we as His Body are therefore also "elect" (see: Isa. 42:1 and Rom. 8:33)!  See: The Elect Calvin onwards.

The Calvinist teaching misses the Dispensational changes at the end of Acts, and therefore the wonder of the "Mystery Body"!

The main miss-teaching, (those that say free will is not involved in coming to Christ Jesus) and misguided or misled people who teach such; are propagating the Lie that Satan does not have free will!  They are either deliberately doing so with erroneous intent, or are for whatever reason, misguided and led by Satan.  Whatever the motive, if after they have been shown Truth, and they refuse to recant, or restudy, they should be avoided completely; they are destructive both to themselves, and to God's work in Christ Jesus!

They often show bad attitude, bad language, and some almost criminal verbal behaviour in their lack of respect for people.  They use the extreme Definition of Dort almost as a weapon to try to inflict damage on some people, and in the experience of the writer some seem to particularly aim at female targets!  Again, in the experience of the writer perverse pleasure seems to be experienced by the proponents, as they wield the club of the erroneous, and Satanic definition.  These people also don't seem to have the intelligence to know or see, that even in their own "chosen" backwater, there have been nearly 800 differing views and splinter Groups, in the last few hundred years!   Again in the experience of the writer, the recent conversion to "Extreme Calvinism" by one person (a particularly bad example), made him an "expert" within weeks, and now has reached the stage of challenging all and sundry with Satanic error (misuse of Scripture, often adding words, or omitting full quotation).

The miss-use of Scripture in the example quoted above can be easily countered when Scripture is properly understood in context, using the Miles Coverdale principle: "It will greatly help understanding of Scripture to see what is spoken or written, by whom, to whom, with what words, at what time, where, to what intent, with what circumstances, considering what goes before and what follows".  He was supremely qualified to make such comment, having translated from the Latin (Jerome), to the English.

His principle, also leads to the understanding of the changes in Almighty God's "Administrations/ Dispensations", where the subject people change, and the purpose of Almighty God changes, see: The position of the Jews in Scripture, Old and New Testaments.  This is mentioned to show that the perverted use of Scripture by such of the above mentioned, can be un-picked when all the words of Scripture are in the proper place for understanding.  

First, it is imperative to keep in mind always, that all the efforts of Almighty God until recently, were with His people the Jews!  Recently is here defined in Millennia!

In the case of the Jewish people (His chosen), the term of address is "Jehovah", Almighty God in Covenant relationship with His People. That Term does not apply to Gentiles!

Much is made by these wrong teachers, of the many instances in the Old Testament (OT), where Jehovah had direct dealings with His people, and the many times He states clearly that He has "chosen" or "loved" someone in a particularly strong way.  They imply that those particular Scriptures (such as Esau and Jacob), have precedent in the whole of the future of all people (including Gentiles), without reference to the clearly stated opposite by Paul, in his descriptions of the "Administrations" of God, over different time periods!

In simple terms; the Rules and Acts of God change, at specific times; always at certain junctures relating to the Jewish Nation! 

A very clear example of that principle is Acts 28:28, where Paul clearly states that because of the rejection of Jesus by the Jews (their Messiah), His Salvation is "offered" to the Gentiles; and, "they will hear"!!  At that very point in time, the Jewish Nation became "Lo-Ammi" (not My People) as per prophecy, and the rules changed!  From that time on, and, because God in Christ Jesus had "completed His Mission", (for that time period); thereafter, John 3:16 applies (For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life); and all who are willing may turn to Him!  This is emphasised in 2Peter 3:9, which shows the patience and longsuffering nature of God's Love to mankind; in the foreknowledge that many will turn to Him in Christ; before the "Great and terrible Day of God" (Rev. 1:10)!

This is contrary to the extreme Calvinist, who states that "all is determined by God, even before you were born, you don't have a choice in the matter; you don't have free will"!

What is the point of the statement in Acts 28:28; "they will hear", if they do not have a choice?

See:   Is Our Free will Of Value Or Is Everything Predestined? 

           Calvinist "Works" Teaching              

           The Elect Calvin onwards;     

           Replacement Theology       

Here, the "free will" of every individual is involved!  A choice can be made by all people for or against the Loving Provision of God in Christ Jesus!

So, which "rules" are being talked about by Paul in the above statement on "Administrations"?  There are many, all Israel related, one such being that Israel's Prophetic progress is halted regarding their glorious future; and they were/are dispersed worldwide!

Another is the marvellous direct dealings that Jehovah bestowed on them, as shown throughout the OT, and particularly in the Acts period regarding Acts 2, and Peter's pronouncement.

See: The Events of Pentecost; What is the Truth? (Discussion Document). 

Because people these days generally live very busy lives, or have short attention spans, not many know these, and the following facts.  To illustrate that point examine the "art" of Television Advertising, when a large message is attempted to be squeezed into a few seconds of time, to get across a selling message.  That principle is used by many false teachers, and because of the above mentioned time or mind limitation, they are successful in getting their false message home; with the resultant chaos and disturbance with both Christians, and seekers!

As a general statement of clarity on the above so far, and not being exhaustive as regards "time Bands", those events cited by the false teachers and commentators regarding the OT, pertain to Israel only after Abram; and, are a lead in to Israel prior to Abram!

The Jewish people are "Elect" (chosen), as shown by Jesus in the Gospels; but are "known" only since the "Foundation" (correct translation overthrow) of the world!  In the Ages yet to be, they have a Role on Earth.  Which is why many (most) Christian Groups, do not understand Ezekiel!

The Body of Christ, (Christ-Ones) is also "Elect" (Eph.1:4, 1Peter 1:20; here showing that Jesus Christ is the "Foreknown and Elect" One; and those that choose Him are also "Elect" in the "Foreknowledge of Almighty God")! and was known before the "overthrow" of the world! That's why so many Groups (extreme Calvinists included) adamantly refute the "free will" of people now!  The Body of Christ has a wonderful future Role; which probably relates to "Eternity" issues, which are in the "Domain" of the Father only at present!  They are in the same "Domain" as the timing and events described in Revelation; and were described as such by Jesus!

Those events post  Acts 28:28 pertain to the Gentiles, and those few Jews who "see the light of God in Christ Jesus", ("the New Body") described by Paul.

The direct dealings that God blessed the Jew with, ceased after the Gift of His Son, Jesus; because they rejected Him, and the Gift of Salvation was offered to all; the Gentiles specifically; but also to those Jews that would seek Him (albeit under a "veil" on their understanding, imposed by God)!

In this large context, it is easy to sort the "wheat from the chaff" as regards the Administration of God (time periods).

The attempt by false teachers to mix the two together, in their efforts to convince and confuse the gullible, or weak minded, is easily sorted when Scripture is known in full context, and the Mind of Almighty God has been sought in truth. Their false assertions can be dismissed by Scripture, which is the only truth Arbiter!

To take a few examples:

Matt.12:18. This shows God in context choosing Jesus as Saviour and Messiah (v17), and v21 confirms Acts 28:28.

John 3:18, 15:16 & 15:19.   It was the practice of Jesus' day for the "disciple" to choose their master. Jesus showed that He was confirming the practice of His Father, in choosing them!  (Extreme Calvinists state these verses as proof of God's choosing people for Salvation). Jesus in so doing, upturning the Pharisaic practice, and confirming God's "foreknowledge" and Sovereignty.  Jesus chose them, because the "Administration" was still Jewish "Ammi" (My people), the Jews had not been set to one side for a period of time!

1Peter 1:20, shows again that in the context of the verse before and after, Jesus is the "foreordained", and is the Salvation by "obedience" (an act of will!), as is clear in v22!

For any who doubt that the "will" of people is not involved in the Saving Work of Christ; 2Thess. 2:13 is conclusive. There, is shown the three elements of Salvation: 1) God Chose (in Christ). 2) God Sanctifies (in Christ). 3) The person "believes" (an act of will).  And, the "call" is by the Gospel (hearing) v14!

The opposite is true of Satan! 1)He was "Created" by God. 2)Made "magnificent" by God. 3)With his free will, turned from God!

We know that "as in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive, some to eternal life, and some to damnation"; all because of Satan's rebellion, and God's rescue in Christ!  Christ is the "antithesis" to Satan's rebellion, and every Christ-One making up the Body of Christ (by their free will), counter the rebellious free will of Satan!

The extreme Calvinists are unfortunately guilty of this gross error of wrong teaching; and they mix OT and New Testament Scriptures together, in their regrettable efforts of applying "constant principle", instead of noting "Administration" changes, which gives true understanding. The more moderate, therefore realistic Calvinists, are of the same opinion as most reasonable Christians, and know and state that the Holy Spirit leads people who are "Foreknown" to the point where they have to make a decision, by their free will!  Where then does that leave the extreme Calvinist?  In a "Hell" of their own making, awaiting the real thing; see below!  See: Hell;    

The extreme Calvinists always rush to defend their "Dogma", whenever a comment or criticism is made, which could lay foundation for a re-examination of their false teachings and errors.

They seem to find security in the concept that "they are chosen" (instead of realising that Jesus the Christ was "Chosen") probably in many cases because they cannot face the truth of their awful true natures and past behaviour!  Also they do not need to use their brains or "free will" in the subject of their commitment to their belief.  They do not even recognise that they are using their "free will" in the maintenance of their belief, which is "work", such is their error and hoodwinking by themselves and Satan!

They rush to find the smallest crumb of "comfort" from their misinterpreted Scriptures, to feel secure again as soon as possible!

Like the Pharisaic Jews, they deny the power of Satan, and deny his free will, which, as all true Christ-Ones know, is the beginning of the problem.  In denying Satan's free will, they state that he was "designated" by God to do as He, God wished, in the tragic story of Adam and Eve!  In this false belief, they deny Scripture, as is clearly confirmed in Job, and elsewhere.

Satan has free will, and free rein, to the degree that God has given him to attempt to mislead and delude the people of the Earth, (as he has done in Heaven, getting one third of all angelic beings to follow him)!  What would be the point of that if God had already "set in stone" what each person would do?

No; the extreme Calvinist's teachings play right into the hands of Satan; because the free will of every person given to Christ/God, is part of the anti-thesis to Satan's rebellion against God, which is why the soul which makes the decision for Christ Jesus, is so sweet to Almighty God; and is what the angels praising God at the Birth of Jesus were celebrating.  Also as in Scripture, every soul saved "causes rejoicing in Heaven" (Luke 15:7,10).

Predetermined?  Not so; otherwise there would not be rejoicing in Heaven at each person’s decision by their free will to belong to Christ's Body!

The fact of Satan's success in Heaven, in the conversion of so many angels to him; is highlighted in the Prayer The Lord taught His disciples, "Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven".  The angels that rebelled against God using their free will, were clearly not doing God's will; the extreme Calvinist will say they were "predestined" to do so!  That is the height of contradiction, and folly, which best describes the extreme Calvinist!

In the Job example, we see the wisdom of God, in allowing Satan to do his worst on Earth, and the lack of wisdom of the Calvinists in resisting what God has decreed!  Satan's purpose is to win souls for himself, (on Earth as he has done in Heaven) by their "free will"!  As in the Garden of Eden, the highlighted point, is Satan's and Eve's free will (interestingly Satan chose Eve first) being usurped by Satan, followed by Adam!

This clearly points to the importance of the free will!  To say otherwise by any person, is anti-God, and "Anti-Christ", which is exactly on the point, as described by Paul!  The extreme Calvinist is preaching "another Gospel", which is tantamount to anti-Christ, and which Paul warned against!!

This clearly states that extreme Calvinism's teachings are "Anti-Christ"!

It must also be remembered that all the Anti-Christ peoples, both before and after the "man of sin" appears; will join Satan, (because they are his; his agents fallen angels and people that take the Mark of the Beast), in the "Lake of Fire" at the end of the Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth, Rev. 20:10.

These comments, and examples alone show the lack of wisdom and error of the extreme Calvinist, as they do not acknowledge God's Scriptural clarity, therefore they do not fear (revere God), therefore they do not have "wisdom", as defined in Proverbs; all of which makes them witting or unwitting agents of Satan, which in many tends to show in their pronouncements, and behaviour!  Their erroneous preaching and teaching is leading many astray, and they are working in direct opposition to the Holy Spirit of God, and attempting to bring discomfort to seekers and Christians alike!

So long as a person will take what they say to the Word of God themselves, and prayerfully ask for the True Holy Spirit to give clarity and Truth; He will do so; and the false teachers can be thus repudiated!

To all extreme Calvinists.  Please re-consider your position!  It's a matter of "life or death", eternally!

SUMMARY:  Any Group or person, no matter what "Church" or "teaching" they belong to; that deny that humans have the God given ability to "decide" for or against Christ Jesus' death at Calvary for their personal Salvation; are denying the Holy Bible, God's Word!

Denial of the "free will" of Satan also denies the Holy Bible!

Denial of the future of Israel as shown in the Bible, also denies God's Word and Sovereignty.

Scripture speaks plainly that such are "Anti-Christ"; and their end is the same as Satan!  

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