Since the mid A.D. 1800s knowledge has accelerated, technology increased, with the consequent huge expansion of war, travel, communication etc., (Dan. 12:4), these made possible by the advent of the Industrial Revolution.  This expansion coincided with an event in AD1858 of the publication of Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species", which led to conflict between Theologians and Scientists, called "The great debate".  In the event the Scientists won that debate, and the power (albeit corrupted) of the Church declined.  The basic thesis of the book by Darwin, is that all life on Earth has developed to the present stage, by a very slow process from extremely primitive forms, and that this process is continuous and in the main upward, in the sense of betterment in each stage.  The time periods involved are reckoned in the millions of years, and the requirement is that the environment is conducive (magnanimous) to the slow process.  At the time of the publication of Darwin’s theories, little or nothing was known of the facts regarding the frequent catastrophes that overtake planet Earth.  (See: Immanuel Velikovsky : (Russian Scientist), “Worlds in Collision”, “World in Upheaval”, “Ages in Chaos”).  Velikovsky, who died in 1979, was an accredited Russian Scientist, who because of his radical thinking was side-lined by the mainstream of his day.  He was however taken seriously by Albert Einstein, and the two maintained links for many years before Einstein’s death.  His work has however been adopted recently by Governments worldwide, due to the growing awareness of the planetary and asteroid effect periodically on planet Earth!  In the basic thesis of Velikovsky, the world is subjected to extreme, even catastrophic events every 30,000 to 50,000 years, some of which in his thesis end all life on Earth!  This of course is in conflict with Darwin’s “steady state” requirement, as clearly Evolution, even if the thesis is viable, requires huge time spans of millions of years to develop to “intelligent life forms!”  So, the pet theory of current “respectable Science” has been dealt a serious blow!  The response has been to try to ignore such data as is available (see below), and to argue strongly for the “accepted solution” for life on Earth, i.e. Evolution, and to not take seriously the “Creation myth”! 

In reality, Scientists are quite sharply divided between Evolution and Creation, Scientists refute Darwin  (Discovery Institute Press Release).  Depending on which source of information is read, up to 50% of Scientists believe in Creation, if only secretly, but other surveys show only much smaller figures.  Whatever the truth as regards the percentages, it is not the point, what is the point is that life cannot exist without the intervention of The Life Source, Almighty God!  No matter how many “soups” are replicated in the laboratory, the “spark" of life cannot be struck!  This leaves the “Atheists” and “Agnostics” with a problem, which as usual in the “human condition” is dealt with in a devious way.  The current methodology is to “deny and deride” anything which could remove the credibility of the Darwin theory, and to shout long and loud, on the principle that in the world as it is, those who shout the loudest and longest, or who hold the reins of power, will win!  It is remarkable how loud the Atheists scream, when a contrary view is broached!? 

The current furore is so pronounced, that one is left wondering what is at stake for those shouting the loudest?  Of course there is “professional pride”, but even more alarming, is that should the Scientists and Governments be proved wrong, the Creation hypothesis must be considered seriously, which means the Bible's claims must be considered, which would devastate the position of so many people in high and low positions in all walks of life, as they realised their vulnerable position before Almighty God, and His Christ! 

On the subject of reconsideration.  It is reported that Charles Darwin on his death bed, recanted his theory of Evolution.  This was commented on by Lady Hope, a reliable source.  The account has been denied by Darwin’s family, and by his apologists, but is probably true, as Lady Hope was a devout Christian of good standing.  It matters not whether Darwin recanted or not, his is only a human idea.  What does matter is the weight of evidence for or against, by those that do not believe the Bible!  The above facts, together with the records listed in the website ("old relics ignored by Science") at bottom, give plenty of material for sincere "information seekers", who are truly intent on trying to verify or otherwise the "idea" of Darwin! 

The behaviour of the Scientific community, and of Government departments, in attempting to stop information from reaching the public domain, and to stop consideration of such information in open debate is deplorable, and a lengthy account of such is in the websites at bottom.  

The Smithsonian Institute was subject to a Supreme Court action in 2014, that ruled in 2015 that documentation of the destruction of thousands of Ancient humanoid giant skeletal remains in the 1800s be “declassified”.  The destructive actions were “apparently” taken, to not conflict with the new Evolution “Theory” of Charles Darwin, and others.  The age of the remains is so destructive of Darwin’s theory embodied in his book “Origins of Species”, that Governments and Scientific Authorities conspire to “Deny and Destroy” the conflicting evident at the time.  They have since denied their destructive actions; but are now not believed by the world’s educated populous.

Their actions are made worse by the many further finds of very Ancient giant humanoid fossils on all Continents, including recently Australia!

The falsification of "recorded finds" relative to the "missing link" are numerous, and to the shame of so called "objective Science"!  One of the most well-known is the "Piltdown man", but the serious student will easily find many more listed on the "net".  A recent example in Germany has destroyed the career of a prominent Professor. 

The Bible’s claims on all men and women worldwide, are relevant to the present population of the world, regardless of the truth of the information contained in the following websites, the contents and sources of which can be examined by anybody!


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