Ethelbert W. Bullinger  (1837-1913) 


E.W. Bullinger was born in Canterbury England, his family having lived there for more than 250 years, since leaving Switzerland. 

He was educated at King’s College London, and as well as having Hebrew and Greek, was a fine musician.  He became an ordained clergyman, and served in a number of parishes.  As his Biography shows, he experienced conversion to Christ, after one of his sermons one Sunday evening, and a conversation with one of his parishioners. 

Thereafter, he devoted his life to clarification of different Church and groups teachings, as he had a particular burden for people, and particularly young people, who were sincerely wanting to find Truth, and were confused by the various teachings from one Church to another.  One of his published books, “How to enjoy The Bible”, has, and still does enjoy wide readership, and helps many people to come to Christ.  His many other books culminated in his crowning work, “The Companion Bible”, which examines the 1611 King James Authorized version, against the best manuscripts extant; and gives accurate information on translation errors, doctrinal misinformation, accidental errors, and any erroneous text etc., which affect the true understanding of God Almighty’s Word. In this work, he as a Greek and Hebrew scholar, was aided by the notes of the eminent Hebrew scholar Dr. Christian David Ginsburg, who in his trust shown to Dr. Bullinger, expressed his own conversion to Christ, and underpinned his own work as a Christian Missionary to his own people, the Jews! 

This work in particular, has angered the established Churches and other groups, as it has called into question their teachings and therefore their control of their members. Dr. Bullinger was ever mindful that the Truth of Christ sets people free, and his trust in his/our Saviour shows in all his writings.  He was under constant attack from the Church authorities as soon as he made his stand against their erroneous teaching, until his death, and also since his death; which is to be expected, as the Enemy does not easily give up major strongholds.  As Dr. Bullinger famously said, “don’t look for Satan in Soho, look for him in the pulpit!”  The pulpits of the world are the controlling element of people’s minds, and many work against the freedom Christ Jesus gives! 

It is an interesting fact that a direct ancestor was the famous theologian Johann Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575, see full articles Encyclopaedia Britannica) the Swiss Reformer, who succeeded to Zwingli at Zurich, Switzerland, as pastor. Interestingly, Johann was also noted not only for his anti- Roman Catholic stand, but also due to his association with Calvin and Luther, and his communications with Henry V111, and Edward V1 of England, and other European countries; for advising on the Roman Church conflict, and the forming of the documentation defining the Europe wide Protestant understanding. 

This period as history testifies, was one of turbulence between the Churches particularly between the Romans and Protestants; and the Protestants who themselves are now divided on many issues of Doctrine, particularly Hell, the Soul and the Bride of Christ!  Johann Bullinger played a major role in those events, and early definitions against the Roman Doctrines; (see: Why the Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church is not of God Almighty: ).  

Also of local UK interest is the fact that Lady Jane Grey of "Queen for a day" fame; (actually 9 days), was in contact with Johann Bullinger due to her conversion to Protestantism, and her profound learning for her age.  Whilst her mentor (Northumberland) was absent from London, the Privy Council switched their allegiance from Jane (Protestant) to Mary (Catholic), proclaiming her queen in London.  Jane was at that time then considered a "usurper", but most people consider her a martyr, due to her powerful Protestant confession of which Johann Bullinger is evidence.  The battling in England between Romans and Protestants, led to the so called “High Church”, which was an attempt to re-establish Rome; after Henry V111. 

It is also an interesting observation, that Ethelbert Bullinger was born and educated just prior to “The Great Debate” at Oxford.  Since the mid. A.D. 1800s knowledge has accelerated, technology increased, with the consequent huge expansion of war, travel, communication etc., (Dan. 12:4).  This expansion coincides with an event in 1858 of the publication of Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species," which led to conflict between Theologians and Scientists, called "The Great Debate".  In the event the Scientists won that debate, and the power (albeit corrupted) of the Church declined.   

It was in this atmosphere that Ethelbert Bullinger grew into manhood, and experienced first-hand the struggle for supremacy between Church and Atheism. At the same time “Spiritism” of all sorts was rearing its head in force!  In this melting pot of change, Dr. Bullinger became a Christian, saw the need, and performed  to the best of his considerable talents and training, in his fight for Truth, both in his Bible work, and against the false religious teachings and necromancy of the day.

The reason the established Churches have been so against his work, is that he was/is a considerable force, helping to demystify their mumbo-jumbo, and therefore their power!  The claims made against him are untrue, he was the most God revering and pious of men, in the mode of the early reformers.  His work has helped to transform and guide the confused of Christendom, made that way by the very people who wish to destroy his great contribution to Christ's Body!  He was acutely aware of the Satanic hold on religion and people, and his legacy is that his work is so dangerous to the “Churches”, that they feel the need to continually try to find grounds to defame, and destroy his reputation, more than 100 years after his death!  Of particular interest for truth seekers; is Dr Bullinger’s understanding of the Apostle Paul’s statement in Acts 28:25-28; which was prompted by a discussion with Charles Welch, and which other Bible Scholars (particularly in the USA) have also noted.  In this context, it is important to remember that Paul’s words were prompted by the Risen Christ Jesus, via. The Holy Spirit!  See: Apostle Paul's Accusers,  Apostle Paul:  &  The Events of Pentecost; What is the Truth? (Discussion Document).  

A serious, non-biased study of his work, by a sincere mind, cannot but be affected by Dr. Bullinger’s love of Christ, his burden for sincere seekers after Truth, and any who study his life, his serenity under the attacks of Churches and necromancy. 

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