Elders (24)

Extract and comments from Revelation Chp. 4 



And round about the throne were (a)four and twenty thrones: and on the thrones four and twenty (b)elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and on their heads (c)crowns of gold.  

(a)  “Four and twenty"; in Scripture 12 or its multiple always denotes Governmental perfection in Heaven and Earth.  As on Earth perfect Government has never existed, the message is clear here, that as in Heaven (see the Lord's prayer “as it is in Heaven”), so next on Earth also (2 x 12), which is to be by CHRIST and the FATHER in JERUSALEM, and their Name One, Zech. 14:9!  

From there the world's Nations will be ruled strictly by Christ.  The Jews and their land will expand to the borders promised and declared by Jehovah to Abraham and the patriarchs.  

(b)  These are clearly elevated Heavenly beings forming a council, and entrusted by the Almighty with governance.  A clue may be King David's council (1Chron. 23 & 24), where the 24 Levites are chosen for the governance of the sanctuary and the Temple in the Earthly residence of Jehovah for Israel’s physical closeness to Him. 

These were selected by David, but to serve under Solomon, as David was close to death.  Solomon's reign and Temple was the high point of ISRAEL'S Earthly Kingdom, and has never again been so magnificent.  It was also the high point of Jewish human Kingship, and from then on came only ruin and failure, due to their infidelity and rebellion.  

The current resurgence of ISRAEL, is only the human prelude to re-adoption by Jehovah, (AMMI) (Hosea 1 & 2), and the council session starting in V.4, is to show the beginning of that process, and the eventual enthroning of Christ in Jerusalem; at His glorious return, and saving and re-instatement of Israel (Jeshuron)!  

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