In Genesis 36, the genealogy of Esau's descendants is given in some detail. Other than recording the fulfillment of G_d's promises to Abraham, does it serve another purpose?


The reason for the detail given in Gen.36, is the long history of conflict between Esau and Jacob.

Despite the many opinions expressed regarding Jacob’s acquisition of the “Birth-right”; the fact is that Esau “gifted” it to Jacob, for one meal of low value!

The intrigue is seen in the Bible account, between Jacob and his mother, is a continuation of the account of the situation at the birth of the twins in Gen.25:21–34.

Edom as “a nation” has not yet been accomplished; which applies also to Israel!

Both are in a bitter “struggle” to occupy the same land, and both are “out of date”, re. the “Truth” of God; Who has moved on from their ancient dispute; into the realm of “Grace” in the Body and Reality of Christ Jesus Messiah!

The Israel of today has yet to meet Messiah Christ Jesus, and will do when the stage of Zech 12:10 is reached!  At that stage, they will become “a kingdom of priests unto God”, (Ex.19:6; Rev.1:6; 5:10; 20:6).

Edom (Esau), has also to “catch up”; to the point that they will be at peace with Israel, with the same reality that applies to Israel!

That will not be possible until Christ Jesus Himself makes a special visit to Edom/Jordon at His 2nd Advent, which is a decisive visit!  It will settle once and for all time, the “controversy of Jerusalem/Zion!” (Isa.34:5–8; Isa.63).

After these events, Esau and Jacob (Israel and the PA) will be at peace with each other for the first time since their original birth; and all the problems of Jerusalem will disappear!

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