Did God create Evil

Did God create Evil?

It has been stated many times in discussions on the origins of Evil, that Almighty God must as Creator, be the originator of the Concept, and of the Fact, that evil exists! 

Even the most adamant and case hardened Atheist, will admit the fact of evil, but on close questioning, usually will not allow for that “fact” to be “proof” of the existence of God Almighty.  Usually, they state that evil is the result of “bad decisions or judgement”, by the individual or group, which compounds into what is called evil! 

When the discussions reach the point where “possessive” evil is being examined, (defined as evil acts or intentions which are not controllable by individuals or groups), the Atheistic logic starts to break down, and usually the discussions end in disarray, as the Atheistic elements realise that they are being cornered.  See: For the Atheist and the Evolutionist.

The fact of the existence of evil, is not disputed by all reasonable people, no matter what their opinions regarding the existence of God.

Collective evil is rampant throughout all human history, and obviously in pre-history.  In the last 100 years alone, multiple examples are recorded, the most obvious, the Second World  War, and the genocide of the Nazi Regime.  Every day our News Papers record with sickening regularity the individual acts of evil perpetrated by human on human. 

Some parts of the Medical Professional would have us believe that all of these acts of inhumanity are a result of “sickness”, which can be countered by correct “counselling”, and various treatments, which therefore argues that the sickness is the cause of the evil!  That thinking states that the question of “blame” or “accountability” by the group or individual, does not apply, as only “stable” people or groups in that definition, are “accountable” for their actions!  There is little doubt that in some, perhaps many cases, that may be true, but in the opinion of the writers, the majority of cases are the result of an act of will by the individual or group, which results in evil by individuals and groups! 

The question then is, what is the source of the evil acts by people, individually, and as groupings?

What is certain, is that all people are subject to temptation!  (Here we define people, as so called “normal”, within the definition of a functioning society, realising that “normal” has wide margins).

From Scripture Authenticated by Christ, see: Canon of Scripture, we know that all people will be subject to all manner of temptations in life!  Temptation in itself is not Sin, but yielding to the tempting is!  (This not to be confused with “original Sin”, (that of Eve and Adam); resulting in what is sometimes called, “the Sin Nature”).

An important comment is needed at this juncture, as there is so much non-understanding, and miss-understanding on the very important point regarding the origin of Sin, death, and degradation and ruin in the Universe!

The Bible (the authentic Word of God); speaks of “the Mystery of Iniquity” (2Thess. 2:7); but what is taught in Churches and “Christian Groups” does not give understanding to people, and usually makes them feel more guilty, and increases the weekly take in the “collection”; instead of knowing their true positon in Christ Jesus; if He is in their hearts!

Most priests and teachers labour the fall of Eve and Adam, and state correctly that their fall instigated death into the Eden Creation.  What the teachers do not show (even if they know it) is that the originator of all Sin in the Universe, is Lucifer (now renamed Satan)!

Lucifer’s Sin was to rebel against his loving Creator and his desire became “to be as God”; i.e. to usurp God and to take God’s position in all the Universe.  What is not taught, is that Satan did not have a tempter to take him to oppose God; he rebelled by his own will, and by his own pride (Ezk. 2813-16), and because of that he cannot be redeemed!

However, that is not the case with Adam and Eve, as they were tempted by Satan to eat of the fruit of one tree in Eden which had been forbidden by God; “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” (Gen. 2:16-17).

This places all humanity following Adam and Eve in the position of being tempted to Sin in their life time; which all people will!

However, Almighty God in the form of Christ Jesus has made a way of escape from the consequences of Sin (death) which He imposed in Eden!  He (in the form of Jesus the Christ) deliberately placed Himself between death and Satan; and became “The Sacrificial Lamb” of God for the purpose of saving from death all people who by ‘their free will’ look upon Him as their Saviour, by the Salvation offered on the Cross of Calvary, in approx. AD 30 (Matt. 27. 27:32-56 & Num. 21:8-9)!

Satan cannot be saved in the Love and Grace of God, because he became Evil and developed evil continually deeper and deeper on Earth; and has even been joined by many of God’s angels, (one third of all Heavenly Creation); who will all be judged by God in the future.

So; a major part of the outcome of Christ Jesus’ self-sacrifice as the “Second Adam” (1Cor. 15:22), is the defeat and demise of Satan (Rev. 20:10), which is where all the trouble started; and by whom evil, Sin, and death entered the human world. 

To make the problem worse, the source of Evil, Satan, has agents who are available to help him to make sinning hard to resist, these are called Demons, and their probable/possible origins are described in; ("Nephilim, who were they, and why:", Angels and Demons! & “ The Genesis 1:1 Enigma”).   

These entities, can, with the permission of the individual, take over the body and life of a person, as is shown in the Gospels of the Bible. 

As shown in the above link, some are possibly “spirits” of the progeny of “fallen angels” with human women, who are destined to remain on Earth until the return of Christ, and who in the meantime are servants of Satan.  However, the true translation of Isa. 26:14, seems to rule that possibility out, as they are already eliminated, and their “sires” the “fallen angels”, are “in prison awaiting Judgement”, (1Peter 3:19, 2Peter 2:4 & Jude 6).  That is only one common explanation of Demons.  Another is that Demons are the “spirits” of “previous Creation creatures”, and that in their adherence to Satan, doomed them to Earth bound existence in this present Creation, with the mandate that they can inhabit the bodies of willing humans, and try to convert present humans to Satan, but with a definite time limit on their activities. This has some veracity, especially the time limit idea, as when the Demons addressed our Lord in the case of the two Gergesenes possessed men, they referred to their knowledge that they had a time limit, (Matt. 8:29).  Scripture is careful on this subject, we can only be sure that they exist, as is shown in many examples, especially in the New Testament, and that is almost certainly for the fact of our limited faculties, and the limit of knowledge that the Almighty would have us possess, for good reasons! 

They will possess a person, if invited, for the whole of a person's life, and at some stage, the behaviour will show the possession, but many possessed people can appear almost “normal”, but are leading at least a double life!  A stage can be reached where the Demons have free and multiple access, and the person’s will is almost completely controlled by them!  In this paper, dispossession will not be touched, but in true dispossession, the will of the person and Christ’s Power is essential. 

Above, the statement is made that Satan is the source of Evil.  Satan as a created son of God, with free will, chose to rebel against God, and to challenge Him, and to desire to “be as God”!  That act of rebellion, and all the schemes of Satan since, is the origin of Sin; as rebelling against God, is Sin.

Some argue that “as God is all knowing” He knew that it would happen!  Yes, that is so!  But, the decision had to be made by Satan!  He had to exercise that most precious of gifts, free will! 

The same argument is used by those that advocate that Scripture contradicts itself in the statements that those who are the Body of Christ, are foreknown.  Yes again, but the same applies, the free will of the person must be exercised!

Again the argument is used that all the “free will” given to created beings, and to procreated beings (humans) is a wasted talent, as God could just “make it so”, as He knows that all will fail!  To “make it so” misses a vital element!

There is a precious quality called “Fidelity”!  This element is rare in all life, and is essential to all relationships of any worth.  It is certainly true to say it is tainted to some degree in all of existence at present.

Jehovah Zebaoth, (God of all the world's peoples), has made a way for Fidelity of relationship with Himself, after the disastrous events of the Garden of Eden!  In the Provision of the Death of Christ, on the Accursed Tree at Calvary, He, as the Perfect Substitute, became Sin for all who Will accept Him, and then that person is Sealed in Heaven, until their flesh lives are over, see: Salvation; can it be lost?

So, we see that the loss of relationship of humankind, and “created beings”, with Almighty God is as a consequence of the rebellion of Satan against God!  We see also that fidelity is essential to true relationships.  The Fidelity of God is shown in the fact that “whilst we were yet Sinners, Christ died for us”; (Rom. 5:8), so showing from His side, the Love He holds towards humans!

Acceptance of that unselfish Sacrifice, in truth in the heart, is all that is required to re-establish relationship with Him who is True, and Who holds out the Hand of Love, and Fidelity! 

Many commentators try to say that God created Evil, by use of the KJV ref. in Isa. 45:7.

To try to use a part of this verse “and create evil”, without referring to the root Hebrew is lamentable. 

At the time of the KJV production, in AD. 1611 the word "evil" was interchangeable with "trouble" of all kinds, and was commonly used so.  The use of the word above in relation to Satan, is in its absolute sense, and in its original meaning, not as a "euphemism".  Also, many commentators deliberately use it out of context, whereas God is showing the consequences to Israel, for their lack of fidelity to Him. The true translation of the word “bara”, a word of wide meaning; is in this case in context, the opposite to “peace”, disturbance!

So the verse should read; “I form the light and create darkness: I create peace and bring about disturbance: I Jehovah do all these things”.

It is interesting to note the following translations: (NIV "disaster"), (RSV "woe"), (RAV "calamity"), (James Moffatt "calamity"), (Darby "evil"), (Interlinear Strong's 7451/7489; "adversity, affliction, bad, calamity, displeasure, distress, grief, harm, hurt, mischief, misery, sorrow, trouble, vex, evil), all to be determined by context! 

The comment by Schofield is a good summary "sorrow, wretchedness, adversity, afflictions, calamities, all as a consequence and the sure fruits of Sin".  In this case by Israel.  However, the Hebrew word is never translated "Sin".  

The whole of Scripture shows Almighty God’s aversion to Evil.  To suggest that He created it is certainly wrong, and blasphemous.  Those that teach, or advocate such, (mankind or enemy Agencies), in the full knowledge of what they are doing, (i.e. willingly and knowingly teaching falsehood), for the purpose of degrading God, or use for motives of corrupt actions, are certainly committing grave Sin, and will be judged for it at the “Great White Throne” judgement (Rev. 20:11), unless they truly repent in Christ prior to the first death! 

Many teachings of long established Churches, Sects, and Groups are wrong in many of their doctrines in this regard, and should be shunned, see: Bible Text Corruption:  

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