David and Bathsheba   (BC 941)

When King David was approximately 49 years old in the year BC 941, 2Sam. 11:3 records that David saw Bathsheba bathing, and desiring her, sent for her; even though she was already married.  

After the union of David with Bathsheba she became pregnant.  Because of the Levitical Law she was afraid she would be put to death Lev. 20:10 due to their sin!  Again Scripture shows she understood the Law: but with David had not obeyed it! 

When David knew that Bathsheba was pregnant he decided to arrange the death of Uriah her husband, who was one of David's most trusted and loyal soldiers.  As Scripture relates David sent Uriah to the front of the battle, with Ammon, betraying Uriah's trust and loyalty to him, and he was killed. 

In this treacherous and disloyal act, David estranged his relationship with Jehovah, as God always withdraws to a distance from such conscious sin!  It is clear from Psalm 51:11, that belatedly David knew his sin, and lamented the loss of relationship and closeness with Almighty God.  In verse 11 of Psm. 51; is shown David’s agony of spirit, as he knew that God would distance Himself from him, and that the Holy Spirit would also relate to him differently!

In the time of the Jews in the Old Testament (O.T.); individuals had to consciously avail themselves of God’s Power, via. The Holy Spirit (H.S.); as power was given for individual purpose upon prayerful request, as is graphically shown in Exodus 17:12 with Moses.  

David as a young man had experienced those occasions as a shepherd when he fought wild animals; and when he defeated Goliath (1Sam. 17:1-25)!  He had grown used to his relationship with Almighty God, and now, after his sins with Bathsheba and Uriah’s murder, he greatly feared that he had lost his close relationship with Jehovah God!

However, David later King David, was a special case as regards the Holy Spirit, as he was later to be sought out by Samuel the prophet of Israel, to be anointed as God’s King of Israel, when God had deposed Saul for his disobedience; and most importantly; his hearts’ misdirection towards things of Satanic influence (all of 1Samuel).

David by comparison, also was not perfect in behaviour, as a few incidents show, including the terrible sins shown above.  However, as also shown, he knew, admitted, and mourned his infidelity to Jehovah God, and did not try to excuse himself or his sins.  By comparison, Saul tried to excuse his behavior with excuses on numerous occasions!  God’s Spirit was taken from Saul; but not from David!  Yes; David’s relationship suffered, but he was not deserted by God, and in a future resurrection has a prominent role to play in Israel!  The reason being, his truthfulness, contriteness, and mourning and his true heart before God, as show in Psm. 51.  Also David was “anointed” by God and he trusted God’s promise to him (1Sam. 16 etc.); the Holy Spirit was not taken from him; and he was placed into a condition of “Suspended blessing”, until a time yet future (current date 2016), when he will take his place in Jeshurun (Ideal Israel)!

There are interesting parallels to this in the Christian experience and future, as shown in Scripture.  Christians are recipients of  God’s Holy Spirit when they take Christ Jesus as Saviour (John 3:16); and can have many experiences such as King David.  Like him; their heart is known only by Christ; and as they are part of Christ’s Body de-facto in the future by faith in Him, they are “sealed” (2Cor. 1:22 and Eph. 1:13) on Earth for future fulfillment at Christ’s return to Earth like King David; and His Lordship in Zion!

David was right to fear his loss (as should the Christian); as he did; because God’s warm closeness was withdrawn, but, he was not abandoned by God, because he acknowledged his sinfulness, (v.3); and showed (v.17); that God knows when a person is sincere in their contriteness!  All this was prior to the ‘Cross of Calvary’; and as per (v.16), was/is prophetic of the Sacrifice of Christ Jesus, for all the world’s people; (John 3:16), both before and after Calvary!

Jesus Christ is called “Great David’s Greater Son”; and King David was the human seed carrier of Gen. 3:15; which was eventually realized in Mary, the mother of Jesus!  See: M A R Ythe mother of Jesus.  

King David’s Salvation, was his “broken and contrite heart” before his God; and prophecy of Psm. 89:18-37, which links to that of Isa. 13:14; Psm. 51:18; and the realization of “Zion” in the future in David’s Son Christ Jesus Messiah!  See: Zion.

Although David acknowledged his sin with Bathsheba when Nathan the prophet challenges him, it is clear from much of the rest of David's life that the Lord punished him severely, as he was told by Nathan, 2Sam. 13:14 that the Lord would punish him, but he would not die.  We see from 2Sam. 13 & 15 that he was disgraced by one son, banished by another, and in 1Kings 2 that he was revolted against by a third; and his servants betrayed him; and his people and children deserted him.  Also his first son by Bathsheba he is told would die.  (David and Bathsheba go on to have 4 more sons, one of whom being Solomon, who became King after him). 

Some twenty years later when David was 70 years old, (BC 921) David is ill and apparently unaware of the situation, which Adonijah the son of Haggith born (BC 960), fourth son of David 2Sam. 3:4, had exalted himself to be King.  2Sam 11:12 tells us that Nathan the prophet, (probably the same prophet who was led to speak to David about his sin with Bathsheba), was instructed by the Lord to speak to Bathsheba, he informed her of Adonijah's position and that David did not know about it, he told her to go to David to inform him of this and to remind him that he had promised the throne to Solomon. 

The question comes to mind, why did Nathan request Bathsheba to speak to David rather than Nathan himself, one can only speculate on this, however, it is clear that Bathsheba understood the significance of this request and David listened to her, and instructed Solomon, (his son by Bathsheba) to be King after him. 

In 1Kings 2:13-25 we read that after King David's death Adonijah requested Bathsheba to ask King Solomon for the hand of Abishag the Shunammite (she had cared for King David in the last years of his life).  Presumably Bathsheba did not see any difficulty in this request, however the moment Solomon is asked, he becomes angry and sees immediately that Adonijah was tricking Bathsheba, and was in reality by this request still trying to gain the throne.  If Solomon had granted his request, it was possible that the people would have thought that as Abishag had been close to David that the throne should have gone to him and not Solomon.  Solomon immediately ordered Adonijah to be put to death.  

This showed that Bathsheba had been deceived by Adonijah.  Scripture does not record her reactions to this, however one can only speculate as the only other record of Bathsheba is in Proverbs, where she advises Solomon to look for a good woman, and the qualities required. 

The queen mother was an influential figure as can be seen from the above comments.  

In Summary, what type of woman was Bathsheba

This was a woman who, for whatever reason of her own, slept with King David whilst still married to Uriah.  We are told she mourned Uriah's death and in fact did not go to live with David until the time of mourning was over, possibly 9 months.  She then had to see her first son die, and she would have known the Lord was punishing David for his sin.  Certainly she would feel punished also.  David comforts her after their first son's death, and four more sons are born to her, 1Chron. 3:5 and 2Sam. 5:14 tells us the names of her sons by David, these being Shammuah, Shobab, Nathan and Solomon.  Solomon was the one chosen by the Lord to sit on the throne of David after his death, and also to build the Temple of the Lord

Matt. 1:16 records that Joseph the betrothed of Mary, Jesus’ mother was descended from Solomon, hence the Regal line.  Their third son was called Nathan, little is recorded about him except that it was through his line that the Messiah was to come through Mary.  Luke 3:31 records the genealogy from Nathan.  Thus both lines are united in the Lord and He is the only heir to the throne of David, (Great David's Greater Son).  

We see from the Biblical record above, that Bathsheba was able to be used for good, but also like many women (see: Eve and Adam) could be tricked by the great enemy Satan.  However, as she did write these words to her son Solomon in Proverbs 31:30, she knew the importance of a woman's heart, and to aim to be pleasing to her Lord.  I.e. "The fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Proverbs (9:10)!  


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