Date of Eden!


What is Eden’s age?


The traditional dating of some Academic sources give the dating as approx. 2,500BC.

Using that Datum, and the current date, AD 2,022, the theoretical total is 4,522 since Eden.

Bishop Ussher calculated 4,004 BC, which would now give 6,026!

These dating’s are disputed by many, but it is to be remembered that, (as is well known in some circles), there have been “previous manifestations” of manlike creatures, but here we are talking about God’s (new?) creation for His purpose of producing and saving a race of people who would/will relate and live with Him and His Heavenly Creation, and simultaneously defeat Satan’s rebellion!

These objectives are well postulated in Gen.3:15, which is started to be realized in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus; who was sent at the "end of the Ages, to put away sin"!!

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