What do you think about the Book of Daniel that the author of Daniel used Persian and Greek words that would not have been known to residents of Babylon in the 6th century BCE and it was more likely to have been written in 2nd century BCE?


The book of Daniel is one of the most revealing prophecies of the Bible.

Chapter two especially gives extended time scale from “the head” down to the “10 toes”!

It is also one of the most vilified books of the Bible, by Satan’s agents (human and spiritual), because of its most favoured place in the Canon of Scripture; and the fact that Daniel was/is “greatly loved” by God!

Jesus referred to it in Matt. 24 in the context of Satan’s agent (Anti-Christ) re. the timing of part of “Jacob’s Trouble”!

It is hated by humans who have given their lives to Satan, as its predictions have been so far so accurate; and the usual attack is “those events were included after the facts”.

The Aramaic is used from Cp.1 to 6:28, and is historic; and from 7:1 to 12:13 is prophetic and in Hebrew.

Chapter two of Daniel’s book, concerns the dream which was had by King Nebuchadnezzar, which troubled him to the extent that he could not sleep.

He summoned to his presence his “magicians, astrologers, and sorcerers”; who were commanded to give the interpretation of the dream which he had dreamed!

They asked the King to give the dream to them, so that they could give him the meaning.  The King refused, stating that they should know the dream, and that would convince him that they could give the true interpretation!

When they could not, the King ordered that they all be put to death, which was underway, when the executioners came to Daniel.  Daniel requested an audience with the King, which was granted; and he requested a small time, so that he would be able to tell the King both the dream and its meaning.

Daniel and his companions prayed to God; and the secret was revealed to Daniel in a “night vision”.

Daniel prayed to God with thanks and praise for the revelations, which is incorporated in Dan. 2:20-23.

He then went to Arioch the King’s Captain, appointed to execute all Babylon’s wise men, asking him not to continue the executions, as he had the dream and its interpretation for the King to hear.

Daniel was immediately granted presence to the King who requested confirmation of the statement by Arioch.  Daniel confirmed that he was able to tell the King what his dream was, and after witnessing to the “God of Heaven”, Who was able to give and reveal “secrets”; and that He had “made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what would be in the latter days”.  These “latter days correspond to Gen. 49:1; Num. 24:14; Deut. 4:30; and 31:29.  The whole of this prophecy from the dying Jacob, is pertinent to Daniel’s prophecy; particularly V.24; which reveals the origin of “the Stone of Israel”!  That “Stone” is the one mentioned in Dan. 2:25, 35 and 45; and He is the “Christ” of God, the Saviour of Christians; and the Messiah of Israel and prophecy!

Daniel then commenced to give the dream the King had received, a great image of a man, Dan. 2:32-33:

1) A head of gold. (Babylonia)

2) Chest and arms of silver. (Medo-Persia)

3) Belly and thighs of bronze. (Greece)

4) Legs of iron. (Rome)

5) Feet part iron and clay.  (Probably Rev Chapter 13).

Verse 2:34 shows the King observing as “a stone was cut without hands” (an act of God alone), which struck the feet, “and crushed them in pieces”!

Dan. 2:35 shows “the stone” apparently striking the image in the order of 4,5,3,2 &1, above.  The stone then “became a great mountain and filled the whole Earth”!  However; V.34 clearly states that the “feet of iron and clay” were struck first!  The apparent anomaly of the different order of “crushing” in V.45; in all probability does not exist, because we are told in V.35 that the areas of the Kingdoms are “crushed together”; which probably means at the same time!

Daniel then explained to Nebuchadnezzar that he was “that head of Gold”, and that the metals below him would be inferior Kingdoms which would subsume his, in the same land area, (this is considered the “Prophetic Area”); until the “feet and toes” would be the most unstable (mix of iron and clay, the toes representing ten Kings Vs 43-44).

The feet of iron and clay #5 above, has not yet existed.  That it will have initially 10 Kings, and is at the lower extremities of the legs; #4 above, indicates that it is the extremities of the Roman Empire, and is made up of those countries that were at the end of the power of Rome, and at the southern or lower end of the legs.  Those countries coincide with the listings given in Scripture, see: Confederation of 10 Nations.

It is interesting to note that in Dan. 2:45, the order of Empires is not the same as v35.  This is probably because “the stone” (Christ Jesus Messiah) deals with those areas which will again have power in the order given; 4,3,5,2 & 1; so as to be most effective with the degrees of power then exerted; and to have maximum and expeditious effect.  The fact that in V.45 the “clay” is in the middle of the image, may well represent infiltration into the whole body of the image, and the countries and land areas that each represents.  That would mean that the “clay” had spread westwards including Greece, Rome in its old boundaries; east to old Persia (Iran) and beyond; north to Babylonia (Iraq) and the Caucuses etc.  These are apparently limits of the old Empire, and the “Prophetic Area”!

“The stone” is of course as mentioned Christ Jesus Messiah, at His Second Advent, dealing with the whole world, not just the old “Prophetic Area”!

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