Satan’s Contest with God

The Egyptian Pharaoh’s and Priesthood, as is well known, had by approx. 1500 BC, under Thutmose the 2nd,  developed what they considered was the only way that a human king could obtain an afterlife via there post mortem procedures, rituals and burial ceremony.  The deceased kings were important to the whole population of Egypt, because their post-mortem resurrection and existence in the heavens was considered an important factor in the continuation of the annual Nile flood; which ensured the continued health and wealth of the nation! Egypt at that time was the most populous state in the known world, (estimated to be approx. 5-6 million people) and had grown larger than Babylonia, and therefore wielded considerable influence and its beliefs were wide spread! 

They developed their thinking and ritual based on the ‘mythology’ of Osiris’ “death and resurrection”, propagated and developed by the Priesthood based in Heliopolis, (City of the Sun, Hebrew “ON”, which has the meaning city of evil, or iniquity!); which was at one time the repository of most Ancient Egyptian records, and seat of learning for Egypt.  This mythology ensured the elevation of the dead king to the ruling god of those with “afterlife”.  These are well described in their ancient literature and tomb paintings. 

So strong were the convictions they developed, that even low born Egyptians, who were connected in life to the Pharaonic household and circles, could if they remained in good standing with the ‘royals’, also become immortal in the same way; which was conducive to very obedient service! 

During the periods of peace between Egypt and Babylon, there was considerable interchange between the two states, and the Marduk kings were somewhat influential in the Egyptian mythology development; as Marduk was the principle sun god at one stage in Babylonian mythology (see: Mystery Babylon:).  There is some thinking that a human/Nephilim king was also called Marduk, as his tomb has been found, which has the same dimensions as the average Nephilim (10-12ft tall); which proportions gives veracity to the legends of giants in the Euphrates Valley at some stage after the Flood, and the Old Testament record, which imply Nephilim infiltration for a second time (Gen.6:4). See: Nephilim, who were they, and why? 

Almighty God had allowed the Egyptian resurrection system to develop to that stage, which had seen the mythology grow from small piles of sandstone over the human bodies, to the Great Pyramids of Giza!  A part of the mythology grew around the fact that all Egyptian burials were in the sands of the desert on the edge of populated areas, and the extreme dryness preserved the bodies without any particular preparation.  This fact, especially in the “latter kingdom” fitted the body preservation mythology of the time. 

Approx. 600 years earlier (Gen. 11:7-9), the Godhead had not allowed the city of Babylon to develop, when the people started to build a tower (Ziggurat); as they were developing too fast, (with the aid of Satan); see: Satan's Motivation:  & Satan's Origins;                       

That fast development did not fit God’s planning particularly for His Plan of Salvation and Truth to the world to be fully realised in the nation Israel; and their Messiah; (who is the 2nd Adam; 1Cor. 15:45). 

The development of the Egyptians resurrection mythologies by approx. 1500 BC, was at the point that God was waiting for, which in God’s timing (which is always perfect, Acts 1:7; Gal. 4:4; Ecc. 3:11; Hab. 3:3; Rom. 5:6 & Gen. 18:14), God challenged the Egyptian/Satanic method  of resurrection; in open combat with Pharaoh, via Moses and Aaron.  

This He did in His contest with Pharaoh Thutmose the 2nd; as depicted in Exodus 5 onwards, which released Israel from Egypt, to serve their Jehovah God (Almighty God in Covenant relationship with Israel). 

The contest continued from Exodus 5 to 15; and the most interesting verse is Exodus 9:16, where Almighty God declares that He had raised up Pharaoh for the very purpose of showing His power to the people of Earth, and that His Name and therefore His Truth would also be seen, via His people Israel, who would serve Him in that task. 

This service was to be the beginning of the reversal of Satan’s rebellion by his free-will against God in Ages past, which is continued in the Christian by their free-will; but is culminated in Christ Jesus Messiah; as the “second Adam”1Cor. 15:45; (see above Links on Satan)! 

Simultaneously to the above, God had also allowed His people Israel to develop in numbers in Egypt from approx. 70 souls, to many thousands in approx. 400 years (part of which was residence and part slavery).  There are differing estimates as to the actual number, due to translation and numeric understanding from the Septuagint (LXX) etc. 

Since the events of Gen. 42-46; to the stage of the Exodus, A dramatic change, was about to take place in the history of Israel! 

After the failure of Eve and Adam in Eden, God gave a long range promise to the perpetrator (Satan), that he would be defeated and destroyed by “the seed of the woman” (Gen. 3:15).  The serpent had just had success in beguiling the woman to go against God’s will (sin); and she in turn had tempted Adam to also disobey God (sin).  Satan knew that if he succeeded with Eve, then death would follow (Gen. 2:17); and he would have a victory in his war with God!  See above link “Satan’s origins”, also: Eve and Adam. 

The irony for Satan (the serpent), that his own first approach to the woman successfully produced death in this newly created female, but particularly in his main target Adam, as he (and all males) carry the responsibility of care for God’s instructions and Word, and theirs in particular is the responsibility to seek God’s Truth, and to cover their people (family) with its impartation! 

Satan’s actions produced God’s curse on him, (Gen. 3:14 & 15), and it was not lost on him that his attack on Eve produced the reciprocal from God in the “seed of the woman”, and he knew that if the Gen. 3:15 prophecy came to fruition; he would be destroyed (Rev. 20:10)! 

He therefore has been trying ever since to stop the prophecy of God from coming to fruition; and these attempts are seen in the failures of both Israel and Christendom as he wreaks havoc in the world, (1Peter 5:8).  For the individual Christ-one, (Christians true); the remedy for day to day living is detailed in Ephesians 6; and is not to be confused with Salvation; which is secure for the sincere heart!  See: Salvation; can it be lost? 

As seen above, Israel was released from Satan’s grip in Egypt, by the actions of Almighty God against Pharaoh.  However, Pharaoh kept going against his promise, until finally God killed his firstborn offspring; and he finally relented, and Israel was released.  The events that produced the change of mind by Pharaoh are known as the “night of Passover”; as he had been warned that God would inflict the punishment of death on him and all firstborn in Egypt; but the Jews were given the procedure needed to let  death “Passover” them.  This was the sacrifice and consumption of the “Passover Lamb” the blood of which was spread on the doorposts and lintels, as a sign of their obedience to God’s instructions, (Exodus 12). 

This event in history as a pre-curser has its fulfilment in the birth, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus; and is now on offer to all people for “Passover” and consumption!  See: Salvation. 

The nation of Israel failed in their God given task of proclaiming to the then known world the truth of Almighty God.  The details of their commissioning and promise to God are detailed in Deuteronomy and in many parts of the Bible; and their abject failure is carefully recorded in Malachi and elsewhere.  However, they are yet to obtain mercy and blessing after tribulation, as God always keeps His promises and Word; and those to Israel are fixed in God’s heart, as Israel is His “first born son”, and much loved!  See: "Israel; My Firstborn son" and:  God's Only Begotten Son and  Kingdom of Priests unto God.  

It is to be seen in the foregoing, that resurrection and Salvation are inextricably linked in the TRUTH for this Age in which we now live!  The ONLY way that people of any nationality can in this present Age obtain RESURRECTION and ETERNAL LIFE is in the Passover Provision of Christ Jesus Messiah, and is summarised in Acts 4:10-12; Salvation is only possible in the Name of Christ Jesus; and Him only!  John 3:16 is also revealing, as it shows God’s great Love for the world: “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life”, see: Ultimate  Love .

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