Conflicting Teachings



Question:  What are some of the teachings from traditional Churches that are not in the Bible?


These are numerous, and became my main concern when starting to study for reasons of existence in a serious way in the 1960s!

I came to not trust most human opinion, except over time from a very few, who for me, showed a different “spirit” to most people; and had a close relationship with Christ Jesus!

After a 7 year search, and prayer, a scholar and his work with another scholar,  Dr.E. W. Bullinger and Dr. David Ginsburg, were presented to myself and my wife, and the results of their collaborations.

Dr. Bullinger was a C of E Vicar of good standing, who had after many years of working in London and Europe as a Bible speaker and writer, became concerned for people's exposure to so many different teachings.

Dr Ginsburg was a trained Rabbi, schooled in Warsaw, who was employed by the British Museum and British Library due to his high level of Hebrew knowledge, and his reputation derived from his study and writings on the Hebrew Scriptures.

Both these men were of high calibre, and both shared the concern for people’s confusion with the myriad of conflicting teachings in the Western Churches and Groups!

Long story short; they co-operated, and together with their deep knowledge of the Bible (and their shared knowledge of Greek and Hebrew), produced a magnificent Document called “The Companion Bible”.

This Bible uses the 1611 Authorised Text as base version; and has a wide margin on every page, which gives comments on all known alterations, additions, omissions etc. by different Groups and translators, up to 1913 approx. The Foreword makes clear that the Document is not a Commentary!

My wife and I have used this Document now for approx. 50 years, and it is our main reference resource together with any other trusted information!

The following are our other main reference books.

“STRONG’S Exhaustive Concordance”, including Hebrew and Greek Numbers.

" The Interlinear Bible": Hendrickson. (Greek and Hebrew numbers)

“EXPOSITORY Dictionary of Bible Words”, W.E. Vine.

CRUDENS Complete Concordance to Old and New Testaments”.

“E.S.V Study Bible”.

“AMPLIFIED Holy Bible”.

YOUNGS Literal translation”.

“APOLOGETICS Study Bible”.

“MATHEW HENRY Study Bible” (this for comparison, as I disagree with much of his comment, but he was a sincere and devout man).

“SCOFIELD Study Bible”, (for comparison).


“NIV Study Bible”, (for comparison).

“THE COMPANION BIBLE”, (this is the AV, with the finest corrections and comments in the large margin by Dr.Ginsberg, and Dr. Bullinger from worldwide examination of extant manuscripts and versions; a fine document IMO).



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