This is a much misunderstood and perverted subject.  The perversion has led to much misuse and in some cases criminal mutilation especially of women, in different parts of the world. 

In the Old Testament of the Bible, its original inauguration (by Almighty God), was for the males of each of the 12 Tribes of Israel, as a constantly visible sign and reminder, of the Promise of Almighty God, that Israel would never cease to be a nation on Earth, (Gen. 17).  After its inauguration, every male Jewish child was/is Circumcised on the 8th day after their birth, (Gen 17:11-12). 

As an aside, it is interesting to note that the number 8 in Scripture refers to resurrection, and also regeneration.  It also relates to the new octave in music, to colour, days of the week, and relates in this way throughout nature!  It is also the number which relates to our Lord, who rose on the 8th day of the Jewish week, (which also was a new 1st day!!)  By Greek Gematria, the name of Jesus is 888! 

The fact that the God of Israel inaugurated the number 8 in the promise of the future nation of Israel to Abraham, who at that stage had no offspring by Sarah, and he was 99 years of age, and Sarah was 90; pointed to the need for faith by Abraham, and Sarah, which is elucidated in Hebrews 11:8-18.

The fact that even before the birth of Israel as a nation, God showed the signs of death and resurrection in the Circumcision and the number 8, has a number of meanings.

-         The original meaning; a constant reminder to all Jews that God has promised they will never cease as a people on Earth!

-         In the cutting of the foreskin flesh, they will die to themselves, and in the number 8, will become a great nation under Christ in the future (888), Zech. 12:10, and Revelation.

-         Whilst the nation of Israel is  "Lo- Ammi" (not My people), Christ (888) is on offer to "all who come to Him" for Salvation, in so doing, they "circumcise their hearts", Romans 2:29! 

The many false uses of the physical Circumcision, in many false religions worldwide, is a misuse and travesty of the above detailed meaning, and is of the enemy Satan.  Satan's misuse of this sacred symbol, together with his rebellion against Almighty God, will eventually be dealt with, in his imprisonment at the beginning of the Reign of Christ Jesus as King in the Millennial, and also in his final demise at the end of the Millennium Reign, Rev. 20:10.  

It is to be expected in the future, that because of the importance of the Symbol of Circumcision to the Jews, i.e. the promise of Almighty God that they will not be eliminated as a people and eventual Nation; (Isa. 66:22 & Jer. 31:35-37), that an attack will be instigated on this Jewish Rite as a forerunner to Satan’s attempt to eliminate them!

See:  Millennial Purpose.

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