(The Greek: "Brothers of Christ"). 

A Christian sect founded approx. AD1848 by John Thomas (1805 - 71).  Who after studying medicine in London migrated to New York.  He joined a local Christian group in New York called "Disciples of Christ" (Christians).  He eventually began preaching independently, mainly applying Hebrew prophecy and the book of Revelation to current and future events.  The name "Christadelphians" was adopted during the US civil war when they organised formally to object to military service. 

The local organisation is called an "Ecclesia" not a Church, and is the principle unit of Church Government.  There is no general overall organisation for the group.  No distinction is made between clergy and laity.  Ruling or serving brethren are elected and minister without compensation. 

The Bible is the only authoritative creed.  Membership in the group requires a profession of faith and Baptism by immersion.  Orthodox views of the Trinity are rejected.  The theology is strongly Millennialist.  They expect Christ to return and rule the world from Jerusalem for 1000 years, which is a view shared with most Bible based Christian groups. 

There are members in the US, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Germany and New Zealand, (1960s census). 

Further checks required: 

1)  Meaning of profession of faith?

2)  Meaning of Baptism by immersion?

3)  Views on Trinity?

4)  Is belief in Christ's return an essential part of their Salvation theory? 

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