MATT:  12:31

"Because of this I say unto you, All manner of Sin and impious or evil speaking shall be forgiven unto men: but impious or evil speaking concerning the Spirit shall not be forgiven men".  

The above statement by Our Lord, has caused, does cause, and will cause much disagreement and trouble amongst people, as to its true meaning.  

The Lord had just been accused of casting out demons (Satan's spirit forces on Earth) by the power of Satan (Beelzebub).  The Lord's powerful and lucid response, corrected the immediate accusation, but has eternal application and meaning.  

Christ also said in verse 26, "if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then shall his kingdom stand?"  In this one comment Christ shows and confirms the reason for His Advent, and the nature of His Ministry, in opposing Satan's Earthly rule, and to defeat death, which Satan had introduced to Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden.  He clearly was not using Satan's power, as He is Satan's enemy, and his antithesis.  He was performing one of the miracles that is in prophecy in the Old Testament confirming His Messiah status.  The Pharisees by their accusations showed that they were in allegiance to Satan, as had they followed their own teaching they would have attempted to prove or disprove the miracle.  The Lord in performing the required miracle (one of the required evidential miracles), proving His Messiahship, and therefore opposing Satan and his worldwide deception, which leads to destruction in the Second Death.  

The Lord used that specific happening to issue a general warning in verse 31. The principle of distorting Scripture (THE WORD OF GOD), as was being done by the Pharisees as children of Satan (John 8:44), and continually by Satan to obtain deception, and destruction of human kind (God's Creation).  

It had started as soon as humans were created by God (Genesis).  Satan repeated the approach as soon as Christ was commissioned and Baptised by John, whilst He was in the wilderness.  Christ easily defeated Satan on each occasion, by quoting God's Word accurately.  Jesus in verse 31 is explicit, stating that to speak impiously or slanderously (blaspheming) against the Holy Spirit is to do also against Almighty God.  In particular, as the Holy Spirit is in head-on warfare against the great Enemy Satan, to attribute to God the great evil of Satan, is to say God is evil.  That is the purpose intended by the Pharisees; and in the case of the greater number of mankind the success is with Satan at this present time; as most people ask why God allows this or that bad happening, instead of attributing it correctly to Satan.  

As the Word of God is the only Truth in the world, together with the Spirit of Truth (John 10:13), and as Christ stated that He was the Truth in the flesh (John 14:6); and as also He is the third part of the Godhead, to equate Him to Satan, as was the Pharisees accusation attempted to bring Christ into the same category of evil.  

The dire warning by Christ to not speak evil of the Holy Spirit extends therefore logically to the Word (The Bible), as the only Truth on Earth at this time, with the Spirit of Truth.  To distort it robs men of the only way (route) for escape from this terrible world, and any distortions for the sake of dogma or false doctrine, leads to false hope and despair for many.  As important, the future crucial events and triumph of Jehovah and Christ, cannot be seen and looked for by mankind when they are denied or distorted by the majority of the current Shepherds.  Many of these Shepherds concentrate on many worthy but misguided areas, other than the hopeless state of the world, the forgiveness of sin in Christ, and His return in glory and triumph in the future!  

Having in mind all the aforesaid, the Enemy will no doubt continue to obtain through men, inaccuracy, untruth, and complete lie.  However; the Holy Spirit will not be completely thwarted, and the Great Truths will be known by some in all Ages, and in particular in the crucial times yet to be, i.e. the "Ammi" state of the Jews, and onwards. 

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