Bible references of the Messiahship of Jesus Christ 


These are some of the Scripture references to the Deity and Messiahship of Jesus The Christ of Almighty God.

They are contained in brackets, with Old Testament first, and some of the New Testament results next.

Gratitude is here expressed to the late James Strong LL.D., S.T.D. and his excellent Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible.

(Gen. 3:15, Luke 22:53, Heb.2:14, I John 3:8)

(Gen.13:15, Gal.3:15-19)

(Gen.14: 18-20, Heb.7)

(Gen.49:10, Luke 1:32-33)

(Ex. 12:1-14, 46, Jn.19:31-36, 1 Co.5:7, 1 Peter 1:19)

(Ex.16:4, Jn. 6:31-33)

(Ex.24:8, Heb.9:11-28)

(Lev.15:15-17, Rom.3:25, Heb.9:1-14, 24, 1Jn.2:2)

(Num.21:8-9, Jn.3:14-15.)

(Num.24:17, Rev.22:16)

(Dt.21:23, Gal.3:13)

(2Sam.7:14, Heb.1:5)

(Psm.2:7, Mt. 3:17, 17:5, Mk.1:11, 9:7, Lk.3:22, 9:35, Acts 13:33, Heb.1;5)

(Psm.2:9, Rev.2:27)

(Psm.8:6, 1Col.15:27-28, Eph.1:22)

(Psm.45:6-7, Heb.1:8-9)

(Psm. 110:1, Acts 2:34-35, 1Col.15:25, Eph.1:20-22, Heb.1:13, 10:12-13)

(Psm.118:26, Mt.21:9, Mk.11:9, Lk.19:38, Jn.12:13)

(Is.7:14, Mt.1:18-23, Lk.1:26-35)

(Zec.12:10, Jn.19:37, Rev.1:7) 


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