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Question:  Is it true that the book of Revelations almost did not make it into the Bible?


The silly stories re. the exclusion of Revelation from the Canon (Bible), shows the hollowness of man's mind.

Revelation is the culmination of God’s Plans, to defeat Satan, and to give eternal life to the followers of Christ Jesus!

2 Tim. 3:16–17, is the conclusive statement, which cannot be beaten by the naysayers, of which there are plenty for the doom which awaits them:


Rev Chapter 1 1) The revealing of Christ. 6) The kingdom of priests. 8) Alpha and Omega. 10) The day of the Lord. 12) Seven golden candlesticks. 20) Seven stars.

Rev Chapter 2 1) Ephesus Church. 8) Smyrna Church. 12) Pergamos Church. 18) Thyatira Church.

Rev Chapter 3 1) Sardis Church. 7) Philadelphia Church. 14) Laodicean Church.

Rev Chapter 4 4) 24 thrones and elders. 6) 4 Zoa (living creatures).

Rev Chapter 5 1) Scroll with 7 seals. 2) Worthy to release the seals. 5) The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. 6) The Lamb. 9) Worthy is The Lamb. 10) The priestly kingdom.

Rev Chapter 6 (Population Reduction) The opening of the first 6 seals. 4) PEACE TAKEN FROM THE EARTH!

Rev Chapter 7 3) The sealing of the 144,000 servants, 12,000 from each of the 12 Tribes. 13) Who are these in white robes.

Rev Chapter 8 1) Seventh seal opened. 3) Prayers of the saints. 7) 1st angel’s trumpet. 8) 2nd angel’s trumpet. 10) 3rd angel’s trumpet. 12) 4th angel’s trumpet. 13) Warning re. next 3 trumpets.
Rev Chapter 9 1) 5th angel’s trumpet. 14) 6th angel releases 4 Euphrates angels.
Rev Chapter 10 1) The Rainbow angel. 6) No more time (delay). 7) The days of the 7th angel. 9) The little scroll.

Rev Chapter 11 1) The measuring of the Holy Place. 3) The two witnesses. 11) The raising of the two witnesses. 14) The 3rd woe see Rev. 8:13 & 15). 7th angel’s trumpet. 17) Almighty God’s Earthly Reign begins. 18) Wrath of God on Earth. 19) Temple in Heaven opens.

Rev Chapter 12 1) The woman clothed with the sun. 3) Great red dragon. 4) 1/3 of angels follow Satan. 5) The child born. 7) War in Heaven. 9) Satan cast down. 10) Kingdom of God and Christ. 13) Dragon persecutes woman (Israel).
Rev Chapter 13 1) The 1st Beast. 11) The 2nd Beast. 16) The mark of the beast on people. 18) The number of the beast.
Rev Chapter 14 1) The Lamb on Mt. Zion, with 144,000. 5) No Lie! 6) Everlasting Gospel preached. 7) Hour of God’s Judgment. 8) Babylon fallen! 9,10,11) Punishment of those that are beast marked, and worship him. 16) The reaping of the Earth. 21) Wrath of God!
Rev Chapter 15 The 7 last plagues.
Rev Chapter 16 The 7 last plagues released. 19) Cities of the nation’s fall.
Rev Chapter 17 The Judgement of the great whore.
Rev Chapter 18 Babylon fallen! 7) "queen" of Heaven?
Rev Chapter 19 1) Glory, honour, power, of God is come. 9) Marriage supper of The Lamb. 16) King of kings, and Lord of lords. 20) Beast and false prophet into Lake of Fire.
Rev Chapter 20 2) Satan bound 1000 yrs. 4) Martyred live and reign with Christ 1000 yrs. 6) 1st resurrection are priests of God and Christ, and reign with Him 1000 yrs. 7) Satan’s release 1000 yrs. later, and again deceives the nations! 11- 12) The Great White Throne Judgement!
Rev Chapter 21 1) New Heaven and new Earth. 2) New Jerusalem. 6)”It is done”.
Rev Chapter 22 1) River of water of Life. 2) Tree of Life. 3) No longer curse. 13) Alpha and Omega. 16) I am the Root and Offspring of David, The Morning Star.


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