Bible Truth Resistance!


How do you break barriers in the Bible?




The “barriers” are not in the Bible, they are in people!

Most protestant Churches disagree on Doctrine and teaching!

All protestant Churches disagree with the Roman Church!

The Roman Church disagrees with the Eastern Orthodox Church!


On a long air journey some years ago, the writer was positioned next to a person in body-length black religious garb.  He turned out to be (according to him), the Chief Rabbi of Melbourne.

We engaged in long religious conversations, he sipping his orange juice, myself sipping wine!

After a few hours, we had covered much of the ground that divides Christianity from Orthodox Jewry.

I raised the subject of the Apostle Paul; he immediately responded with what was clearly a well-rehearsed rebuttal of the Apostle Paul, and finished with “he was a turncoat”!

I responded, “did you mean that he was/is a chosen vessel”?

At that, he became quite agitated, and angrily denounced Paul; and stated that “Jesus was the son of a Roman Centurion”!

I tried one more approach; and asked him (from his own scriptures), what he thought about Zech.12:10; which describes the meeting between the Risen Christ Jesus after His return to Earth to Rule in Jerusalem for 1000 years, and the awful effect it will have on the Jewish nation, re their mourning of their rejection and crucifixion of their Messiah.  This had a dramatic effect on him, he turned ashen grey, and refused to converse further!

We were silent for the rest of the journey; but as we filed out of the aircraft, he turned to me and held out his hand, and we departed in a state of peace; but I could see he was deeply troubled.

The answer to your question is answered by Jesus; “I am the Way, The Truth, and The Life, no one comes to The Father but by Me”, John 14:6.


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