The Name of Christ is reviled, misused and abused worldwide millions of time daily, mainly in the white, western Caucasoid population, but not exclusively.  Ironically, Islamists do not revile and abuse His Name, because He is revered as a prophet, but not as God’s Way of Salvation.  Abuse of Christ’s name, and person, is not the same as what Jesus described as “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit”, Matt. 12:31-32.  Jesus was speaking in the context of the casting out of a demon, and the healing of the same person to restore sight and hearing, Matt. 12:22.  The infuriated Pharisees accused Jesus of performing the miracle in the power of Satan!  Jesus then clearly differentiated between the power of The Holy Spirit of God the Father, and that of Satan, and made the statement in Matt. 12:31!

It is worth repeating here that Christ is the Greek for Messiah.  That Messiah means anointed.  That Jesus is the Greek for Joshua (Jehoshua) which means, Jehovah the Saviour.  Therefore Jesus Christ means: Jehovah the Saviour Anointed.  Whenever this most Holy and Worthy title is used wrongly, as is most common in population swearing, much condemnation is being stored up by the individuals for their Judgement, when they are standing before the Great White Throne (Rev. 20:11-12).

In Matt. 12:32 we have Christ’s statement regarding blasphemy, which referred to that Age, “and the coming Age”.  At that time the coming Age which Christ constantly preached, was the “Kingdom Age”.  That Age would have started had the Jewish hierarchy accepted Him as Messiah.  As they rejected Him, it is in abeyance.

As shown at Acts 28:28, an unknown (to the Jews) Age began, that Paul called “the Church of the Mystery” which we know as the Age of “Grace”.  What this means to the blasphemer, (defined as one who denies the existence of God, Christ and The Holy Spirit, but accepts Satan and his spirits as supreme, and worships them, or is involved in any Spiritist activity which is condemned by Almighty God, and defined in Scripture, or who attributes to Satan that which belongs to God!, will be excluded from eternal life, in one of the “mansions” (divisions), mentioned by Christ.  As our Lord died for all sin, they have a choice before they die.  If they die as adherents of Satan, they will become subject to the “Age” torment described in Rev. 14:9-11.  At a later stage, they become subject to Rev. 20:15.

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