Ark of Noah 

This study is a speculation on the period of time between Adam in Eden, and Noah and the Ark he built on God’s instructions, and the short and long term reasons, stretching from then until now, and into the future.  Quite possibly the near future!

This is emphasised so as to deflect the usual criticism of such endeavour, as so many people, including the writers have been/ are puzzled by some of the information that is in the Bible narrative, but we are convinced that the information is there for us to prayerfully ponder, and draw meaning over time.

As applicable to all our work, and as stated on the opening page of our Web-site:; we do not insist that what we write is absolute truth, but is an attempt to understand what God Almighty would have us know; and which we do know He wishes us all to seek, (Psm. 119:162 and 2Tim. 2:15)!  We particularly think this, as prophetic culminations draw closer; which is our opinion about this time in the world’s history; now!

This particular study, in trying to understand the account given in Gen. 6 to 9 of the Flood event, and the considerable criticism that it draws from Atheists and Religious people alike, heightens the sense of caution in approaching all the sections of necessary study and fact gathering, where that is possible.

To start, it is necessary to fix the time of writing, and by whose hand.  It is generally accepted (and confirmed by Jesus, Mark 10:2-8); that Moses, guided by the Spirit of God wrote the first five books of the Holy Bible; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, which is called the Pentateuch by some Groups.

It is also generally accepted that he did the writing during the 40 years of penal wandering in the desert of Sinai; which was imposed on Israel by God for their lack of obedience and faith regarding His instructions to enter the Promised Land after the Exodus from Egypt.

Although Moses was the scribe, the substance was/is the Mind of Almighty God imparted by the Holy Spirit (2Peter 1:21). The sceptics at this stage will turn away from these thoughts; but, as all true Christ-ones (Christians) know from their own personal experience; the Bible is the Word of God, and is to be trusted in faith; even when not understood! 

In 2010, a Chinese group of Christians from Hong Kong mounted an expedition to Mt. Ararat in the east of Turkey, in an attempt to find the Ark of Noah, which Gen. 8:4 states had “rested on the mountains of Ararat”.  They stated that they had found what they described as “probably the remains of the Ark”.

They would not give the exact location except to say that it was on the high peak of the Mountain, but they had wood samples, and photographs of their find.  A notable Christian, who is also a Scientist was invited to join in the publicity campaign; but would not without further examination of their samples; especially as his professional Degree was specialised in Carbon dating!

His findings completely undermined the samples, as they are of recent origin, and also stated that it was the wrong wood, as Gen. 6:14 states that the material was to be “Gopher wood”!

His findings can be examined on Google under “Noah’s Ark”.

A further problem regarding this particular expedition was the elevation of the finds; which was on a part of the Mountain which did not exist in Noah’s day, and which has been formed volcanically within the last 1800 years!

The new volcanic mountain is at least 16,000 feet higher than that of Noah’s day, and there is compelling information in Scripture to tentatively conclude that the flood was probably a local event, and the depth of water was only sufficient to cover the then mountain area, and achieve the purpose of God in annihilation of the wicked populous in the “golden crescent”, which is fringed by mountains, and was His stated purpose.

The population of humans from Adam onwards, was contaminated by fallen angel’s seed, when they mated with human women (Gen. 6:2), which was within their free-will, but not within the will of God (Gen. 6:3) and was probably at least the second time that had happened.

1) In prior Creation: see Age of the Earth Controversy:  and  Old relics ignored by Science:  (By Dr. J.R. Jochmans, Litt. D.)

Also  Genesis 1:1 Enigma.

2) In the seed of Adam’s line up to but not including Noah’s family (Gen. 7:1).

3) On the Earth after the Flood, (Gen. 6:4), which elicited the order from God to King Saul and King David to eliminate them from the Promised Land!  However, we know from Joshua that the work was never completed.

In 1) above, that particular occupation of the Earth was certainly brought to an end by God, in what is described as “the Overthrow”; but is wrongly translated even now in many Bibles as “Foundation”.  Nothing is known in detail of that occupation, except by implication, and many Ancient finds: See: Dr. Jochman's comments above.

The bones of “Giants” have been found on all continents, the latest in Australia, and they are undoubtedly the remains of the above mentioned previous occupation, (1) above.  The time of that “occupation” was probably during the “Pangaea” period, (Gen. 1:9; see: Age of the Earth Controversy:), when the land mass was in one piece, and prior to the “Continental drift” starting.  Although the rate of “drift” is now supposed to be a “known” factor; it has been speculated in Scientific circles that the rift momentum; may have been quite fast in the past due to “plasticity” being different to now.  That would (if fact) mean that the plates could “sail” on a more elastic sea of molten lava, and the time scales be unknown to us; and therefore calculations regarding time be not possible, prior to the Earth’s crust solidifying to its present state.  

More can be read on this subject in these links re. Nephilim; and on Google under the same heading.

See: Nephilim, who were they, and why: and  Nephilim;  

The word used by the translators which causes so much confusion is “Foundation” (as mentioned above), but should read “Overthrow” (by God) in many parts of the Bible, (see Companion Bible) and the details can be read in: "Age of the Earth Controversy," and also "Genesis 1:1 Enigma(above).  

This Nephilim attack on Adam’s seed, was the second successful attempt by Satan and his forces, to spoil God’s Creation work in Eden, the first being Satan’s on Eve, see: Eve and Adam.  However, though Satan got close to total success, the seed of Adam was passed on through Noah’s family thereby preserving the “seed of the woman” of Gen. 3:15, Who was to undo man’s fall by Eve and Adam’s failure to obey God regarding “the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”; and lead eventually to the Judgement of Satan’s angels; and Satan himself at the end of the Millennial Reign!  (See: Angels and Demons!).

That there has been a flood event in the “fertile crescent” area is without question, as the German archaeological Scientific journalist digs of Werner Keller at Ur and elsewhere have verified, with both correct levels, and time positions, according to many well-known Archaeologists.

His book, “The Bible as History” written in 1955, gives the details, and is quite compelling reading, as it relates and links to many Biblical sites; and the work of so many famous Archaeologists; who until then had been the few who were privy to such information!

It is stated in Gen. 7:20, that “the waters prevailed 15 cubits upwards, and the mountains were covered”.  Those "mountains" (plural), were those of "Ararat", Gen. 8:4 (not as usually quoted "the mountain of Ararat".  This clearly points to one of many possible locations in that region, not on the specific Mount Ararat!

15 cubits is approx. 23 feet (1 cubit = approx. 18”), so the water depth need only have been that much above the then highest point in the then mountains; which would have been therefore approx. 3000 + feet (900 metres) above sea level; (using the approx. present sea level average), which is known to vary over time!

A further strong point for a low elevation is that on the second attempt by Noah’s Dove, a “freshly plucked Olive leaf was in her mouth” (Gen. 8:11); and Olives can only grow in low elevations, in mild to warm temperatures, and well below the tree-line of mountainous areas!

If the “mountains” mentioned in the Genesis narrative was meant to be taken in the context of the whole world, the water levels would have had to rise to more than 8,870 metres, which is the approx. height of Mt. Everest; and has been in place for approx. 60 to 400 million years (estimates vary), instead of the approx. 900 metres to cover the “golden crescent”; sometimes called the “fertile crescent”; and is the generally accepted location of “Eden”.

The “local flood theory” also answers the many objections raised by thoughtful critics and students of the Bible, and also many of those raised by Christians.

The narrative in the Bible, is meant to cover the area of land that the people of that time would be aware of and who God was dealing with. This conclusion is given further veracity by the fact that the Hebrew word for "Earth" (Strongs 127), in two verses; Gen. 6:7 and 7:23, mean “land where people live”.  Little else beyond is logical; (and not only at that time, but also in God’s dealings with His people Israel later in the Bible narrative; and in the present day and near future; <current date Feb. 2014>)!

The Flood event according to many Biblical experts happened approx. 4400 to 4800 years ago, according to varying estimates from Biblical information.  However, whatever the actual timing, the scale is relatively recent compared to geological time-frames; and a recent event in the time-scales of Almighty God; which has relevance to later comments.

The supposition that Everest had to be covered is a recently introduced “Red Herring” (as is the knowledge of its existence), as far as the writers are concerned; as Everest is approx. 3000 miles (5,000 kilometres) to the east of the events of Genesis.  Also, only people of the time from Adam to Noah were involved in God’s dealings; as they were the only people that existed at that time on Earth and the spreading of the human populace did not start until Gen. 11:7-9, which was approx. 500 years later, according to one calculation.  This is a statement that will infuriate many sceptics, but we again state that we are concerned here only with the Bible account and our commitment to its Truth as the Word of God to all people of goodwill towards God!

To begin to understand why God Almighty would go to such lengths to secure the family of Noah as the only survivors of such a flood event, and starting with the information given in Gen. 6:9, it is clear that his family was the only one then alivethat had not been corrupted by Nephilim seed; see the above comments and Links; and God’s purpose was to bring to fruition His promise in Gen. 3:15, which resulted eventually in the birth of Messiah Christ Jesus!

The importance of that event has been massively underplayed by many, if not most religious teachers up to this present day; and is now almost universally misunderstood worldwide!  Its crucial nature to the whole of the future of mankind, cannot be underestimated, as a careful study of Gen. 3:15 shows, and later comments make clear!  (SeeThe Way; The Truth; The Life!).

The following Links give some clarity as to the authors opinions on this subject, and will help in understanding the mind-set of the writers and their powerful motivation to try to clarify for all people of good-will the events now leading up to climax and fulfilment; or at least give impetus for them to study the subjects seriously!  See: Satan's Motivation: &  Satan's Origins; & Satan's People:                                                 

When the above Satanic facts are absorbed (which are verified by Scripture), it will help the person to understand the hatred of Satan for the Jewish people, and the anti-Semitic atmosphere around the world, which is again growing in proportions, as the events of the end of this Age of the Gentiles approaches!  See:  Replacement Theology (Spiritual Israel)?   

The reason for Satan’s hatred of the Jews, is because they carry the cause of his demise in the Promises of Jehovah God, that Israel will never cease to be a Nation on Earth (Jer. 31:35-37); and they produced by Mary (“the seed of the woman”); The Messiah of Israel (yet to be revealed, see Revelation); who is presently seated on the “right hand of the Majesty” in Heaven; awaiting His next role as “Seal Releaser”, at the instigation of His Father!

See: Rev Chapter 5 of    

This promise from God, stands in the way of Satan’s attempts to defeat God in the colossal contest that has been underway for Ages!  That is the reason that Satan will make a final attempt to annihilate Israel, prior to the end of this Age!  (See: Satan's Contest with God). 

It has to be mentioned here that many objections to the accuracy of Scripture are raised by educated people worldwide, one being the age of the Earth assertions by many Christian Groups; at least one even teaching that dinosaur’s went into the Ark!  That is clearly not the case, for the many obvious reasons when beginning to think of the logistics alone; and particularly in light of the above comments!  To avoid repeat of earlier work, the following Link argues against that idea, with further comments on the Dinosaur age later, see:  Age of the Earth Controversy: 

That there have been creatures on Earth of great size and ferocity, is evident in the Geological record.  Also, that there have been manlike creatures is also evident, but many or most of these evidences are ignored by Science, when they do not fit the “accepted” model of Evolution!  See: Old relics ignored by Science:  (By Dr. J.R. Jochmans, Litt.D.).  

Evolution is not supported by FACT  (Various comments).  

DNA, the tiny code that is toppling Evolution   (By Mario Sieglie). 

So, which animals did go into the Ark?  It is our contention that only those that God presented to Adam for naming (Gen. 2:19), and which were for his use on Earth were also thus called by God to the Ark (Gen. 6:19-20), and God did the calling; which has massive ramifications for the usual objectors, because of their insistence that “if there is a God, He must have created all things”!  

Here we reach a stage of speculation that has to be confirmed or otherwise by Almighty God eventually; but from the above Links and Scripture, it is clear that Satan wants to take over as god of all domains and Creations (of which there are many, and of which we have no knowledge, except what Jesus, and the great Apostle Paul alluded to); which rightly are the Dominions of God Almighty, but the challenge has been initiated by Satan, and graciously allowed by Almighty God, in Ages past! 

The following is a condensed version of earlier work.

From the above Links regarding Satan, we know from Scripture the following:

The plan of Satan!

Satan's strategy is:-

1)  To obtain the knowledge of Creation (Jer. 31:35-37), (this has been sought avidly by Science since approx. AD 1850).

2)  To destroy the Earth by degradation of all means.  (This has accelerated since the start of the Industrial Revolution).

3)  To destroy Israel.  (This has increased in intensity since the 2nd world war).

4)  To destroy faith in God/ Christ.  (Satan is permitted to do his best/worst, to kill or prevent belief, faith, or love in Christ)!  

1)   Satan has been trying to obtain the knowledge of Creation from the beginning, and is behind the work of Darwin (see: For the Atheist and the Evolutionist) and others to this purpose.  He will not admit defeat, and will persevere in this up to the “Day of the Lord”, (Rev. 1:10).

2)  The attempts to degrade the Earth’s environment has accelerated since the Industrial Revolution in Europe, and is a strong sign of the times we are living in, accelerating towards the “Day of The Lord”, (Rev. 1:10).

3)  This effort of Satan has been underway since Adam through Eve and Adam, and especially as soon as the promise of Gen. 3:15 was made; which is that of Christ Jesus.  As the promises were reiterated and expanded by Jehovah God to His chosen people, Satan’s efforts have increased, as was evidenced by the 2nd World War.

The fact that the religious life of Israel is dominated by Pharisees, the same group that denied and organized Christ’s crucifixion via. the Romans, does not help their situation; nor their denial of Satan (they will not accept there is any such entity as Satan, even though he is named in their own Scriptures).

Satan’s purpose is to eliminate Israel, so that he can negate God’s promises to the Patriarchs!  God has stated categorically that Israel will always exist, and Satan is extremely active in trying to thwart that Promise!  Israel, since becoming a Nation again in 1948, are probably close to the OT promised culminations, but unfortunately, have yet to suffer more.

They have yet to experience a false leader and situation, which will thankfully be short lived! 

4)   Satan’s current major thrust is to try to destroy the message of God in Christ.  Since the Reformation in the 16th century he has lost his grip on the Word of God through the Roman Church, (although it has crept back to quite a large degree).  He has quite successfully  transferred corruption and confusion to many Protestant groups, to the extent that many people are held under one form of bondage or another!  How has he done this?  Quite simply by the same methods he used in the Roman case.  He has used the minds of men to distort the Words of God, especially in Christ Jesus.  The reformation ethos of re-examining the basic Principles of Doctrine were/are fertile ground for him!

Many new Groups and Sects that have proliferated since the Reformation have proved fertile ground for the wiles of Satan, and the confusion of mankind.  More than one good man has said that Satan’s best recruiting ground is in the Pulpit, not in the fleshpots of the world!  At the present, it is these people that Satan wants to add to his list of converts, which at present includes ⅓ of all Heaven’s angels!

The Gracious God of Heaven, instead of just crushing this outrageous challenge of Satan, is allowing him to operate within the boundaries He dictates, to try to achieve his objective of overthrowing God; but within known rules and boundaries, as witnessed in Job 1 and 2!

The question so often raised as an objection to a loving Creator God, is that of the creatures of pre-history, which as most school children know were grotesque in appearance and habit; according to modern teachings.  As is evidenced in many museums around the world, they were of huge size, and many seemed to exist on the flesh of their co-inhabiters.  That they existed is hard to deny; unless as some have speculated, they are a huge “Joker in the pack”, by a God who wanted to mislead His Creation.  This comment can easily be dismissed, as God stands for the very opposite of deception as is evidenced by His condemnation of that very point in Satan!  See: Father of Lies John 8:44.

Others have speculated that they were part of an Evolutionary chain, which had/has links to modern species.  To the faithful Evolutionists, nothing will dissuade them from their chosen sustaining “fable”, so that no matter what new evidence is produced, they will not budge!  See above Links, and: A biologists comment on Darwin: (Dr. Jonathan Wells PHD, PHD interviewed).

It is contended in this thesis, that the creatures of Ages past are part of Satan’s attempt to be a “Creator”, and both the grotesque animals and strange humanoid like creatures are failed attempts by him!

That these above mentioned creatures roamed the Earth for very long periods of time, shows only the extent of God’s patience with this rebel Satan; and His desire to demonstrate how “perfect love” can conquer evil: seeLove (Ultimate); 

However, God wanted to allow other of His Creation to see the failures; as He also wants them to see the success of His Plan of redemption in Christ Jesus; (Eph. 3:9-11).  We note in v.9 that this “mystery at the beginning of the Ages was hidden in God”.  However; Scripture tells us that “Christ Jesus came at the end of the Ages” to deal with the question of sin (Heb. 9:26), and that started with the promise in Gen. 3:15. 

So, where does this leave us as regards the Dinosaur Age?  It was fact!  So what was its purpose, and who created Dinosaurs?

It is quite possible that they were an attempt by Satan (the rebellious, fallen, “anointed” Cherub) to emulate God, (by God’s permission) as they were, grotesque, as is Satan!  Always remembering that Satan rebelled, in that God given free-will which he possessed and still does!

They certainly were not in the same category as those of Gen. 1:31, which drew the comment from God and God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good”!  

We all, as humans, by God’s designation, have the same precious free-will, which we can exercise for Him, or for Satan!

What that period of time did do (and it was a very long period of time in human terms, measured in many millions of years) was to produce hydrocarbons, which in our modern times, from the mid-1750s to today have driven what we call “progress”, at a massively accelerated rate; compared with the thousands of years where the horse was the main power source available to humans!

(Note; 29/4/21)

The stage has been reached that the use of Hydrocarbons has/is causing pollution of the Earth's environment, to the extent that together with waste disposal, and Hydrocarbon developed materials such as plastics, is threatening human and animal life on Earth.  This factor was predicted by the Angel Gabriel to Danial in Dan.12, which was approx. 425 BC the last Book of Daniel.  As earlier Chapters show, the Angel Gabriel was sent to Daniel; as he was faithful to his God, and was faithful in writing what he had been given.  Jesus also verified the Prophecies; giving more specifics in Matt. 24 etc.

So; whether Satan did or did not create the creatures we call Dinosaurs is now of little relevance, as God is using the results of Hydrocarbons to power all innovative developments, and world politics towards that crescendo which will involve Israel and the Gentile Nations into the end time scenario.  That event is much predicted in the Old and New Testament; and which the prophet Daniel was told would occur, and is beautifully summarized in Daniel Chapter 12, with particular attention to v.4!  

What then is the importance of the Ark of Noah in all of this?

Noah’s Ark preserved the physical seed of Adam through Noah’s line, as the only family at that time that was not contaminated by Nephilim seed.  That physical saving allowed the promise of God in Gen. 3:15 to be continued to the eventual birth of Christ Jesus Messiah from “the seed of the woman”, Mary, Joseph’s betrothed, (Luke 1:28-35).

God had already stated that He “would establish His Covenant with Noah” (Gen. 6:18); and that Covenant was to be expanded and developed in God’s time into that of the Patriarchs of Israel; which was to be contained in the “Ark of the Covenant”!

That Ark contained the Promises of God to His “Chosen people’s” leaders, the Patriarchs, and the critical information for Israel’s survival in the basic Laws of God Almighty!

That “Covenant” is not lost, as is so often publicised, by such films as “the Lost Ark” of Indiana Jones fame; but is held in abeyance in the domain of God (Rev. 11:19) at present, until Israel is again in the “Ammi” (My people) state they lost at Acts 28:28; see Hosea 1 and 2!

The fact of the survival of the “seed of the woman” (Gen. 3:15), through the “Ark” of Noah, into the Person of Christ Jesus; who is the current “ARK" of God; allows all people of goodwill to enter that Ark for their survival into the next domain of God Almighty, which has “many mansions”; correctly translated;  “many divisions” or “many rooms” (John 14:2), one of which will be His Kingdom on Earth; called by Christians “the Millennial” which will be 1000 years of Christ/God rule from Jerusalem!

As can be seen from the above, each of the major stages of God’s Plan to defend “the seed of Adam”, involved a special vehicle, called an “Ark”; each of which requires the faith of the individual to enter into!

However; prior to that, there is much to happen to the world, and in particular to Israel in the Mid-East area.  Thankfully that will be short lived, but is probably now very near! 

Note June 2014

In world News this month, has been announced by Scientists, that they have discovered water sources miles below the Earth's surface.  They estimate that the volume is approx. 3 times that of the present world oceans!

If they are correct; they may well have stumbled across the source of the statements in Gen. 7:11, and 8:2 ("the waters of the great deep")!


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