The Apocalypse!




Question:  What is considered part of the Book of Revelations?


Not plural, but singular!

The original Title is “The Revelation/Grk= apokalupsis= Eng= Apocalypse”.

There are 22 Chapters.

This is the first, extracted from Revelations Message:


Revelation describes the Culmination of the Plan of God Almighty for the peoples of the Earth, particularly the Jewish People, and the surviving remaining Gentiles/Nations.

It must be seen and understood in the context of the whole Bible, from Genesis 1; and particularly with reference to the Prophets of Israel; notably Daniel and Isaiah (quoted by our Lord, see Matt. 24 etc).

It describes the “revealing” (Apocalypse) of Christ Jesus, as never before.  As the Jews are being brought back into Blessing as Prime Object of Jehovah God, much of the content is primarily Jewish, with implication and consequences for individual Gentiles and Gentile Nations.

It describes the battle for human allegiance between God and Satan, with “Sealing” and “markings” for both groups of human forces.

It describes the criterion for the “Overcomers” of God’s people, and also that of Satan’s people.  It describes the destinations of both groups.

It reveals the release of the “Seals”, by the only “Worthy One”, “The Lamb of God”!  It describes “Jacob’s” Trouble on Israel, (i.e. within the last 7 years of Daniel’s 490 year prophecy; see: The 490 years Prophecy given to Daniel by Gabriel) and also the “Holy Vengeance” of God on His enemies in the “Nations”.

It describes God's intervention in the world (Satan's) system (Mystery Babylon), and its removal; (see: The Day of the Lord: Rev. Chps. 1,2,4,7,15 & 22) and Rev. 1:10!

Description is given of the “binding” of Satan for 1,000 years, his release, and his judgement and consequences, together with his forces!

The “Great White Throne Judgement” is described, with its criterion!

Death and the grave are destroyed, together with Satan.

The Curse is removed, which was imposed by God in Eden.

A new Heaven and Earth are created by God, and the Nations are healed by “The Tree of Life”.

The events of Revelation were mentioned to Israel by the Gospel and Epistle writers etc., up to AD 61 approx., which was the date of Israel's final rejection of Paul's and Christ Jesus’ message and teaching at Acts 28:28.

Because of that rejection the Acts period Holy Spirit blessing was removed and the predicted events of Revelation have been delayed up to now (2019), but may soon commence, when seeing the current events of the Mid-East.  Regarding the change brought about by Paul's rejection in Rome; see note at bottom.

R E V E L A T I O N: (From page 1883 Companion Bible): “The Unveiling, Revealing, and Presentation to Earth and Heaven of the Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah) as King of Kings and LORD of Lords” (The Uncovering and Revealing of The Second Coming of Christ Jesus).

See:  Rev Chapter 1  


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