America in Prophecy

America in Prophecy

Some people are of the opinion that the USA should be somewhere specifically mentioned in Scripture.  There is much comment, debate and puzzlement as to why such a powerful nation on Earth is apparently not mentioned at all!  Some argue that as other powerful Empires are mentioned by name, and by implication, such as Babylon, the Greek Empire, Mede, Persians and Romans etc., that the lack of the USA being represented in Scripture could be construed as meaning that the Bible is not a valid document after all.  What is missed by many students and commentators is the basic fact that America and many other Empires are not mentioned because they are not in "the Prophetic Area", when Israel is "Ammi", (My people, Hosea 1-2).  See: The position of the Jews in Scripture, Old and New Testaments. 

All of Scripture relates to Almighty God's plan for the Redemption of mankind, and particularly His plan for the saving of Israel and the "Church of His Body".  However, Israel is central to God's plan, and it is only because "Christendom" has corruptly taught that the Church is referred to in Scripture where Israel is mentioned, see: Replacement Theology  that great confusion reigns in the minds of many Christians.  When the Bible (examined and commented as per the Companion Bible, see Dr. E. W. Bullinger  and  Dr. David Ginsburg:) is read prayerfully, that the Truth regarding prophecy unveils.  In the events yet to unfold, and possibly after the "Body" has been "Raptured", the yet dire events for Israel and "the Nations" will be enacted.

The USA will be subject to the promise of God in the context of its help for Israel, Gen. 12:3.  Contrary to the oft stated condemnation of the USA, the writers are of the firm opinion that she will be blessed by God for her support of His chosen people.  That blessing towards the USA, together with Australia and other Nations that have behaved in similar manner over the lifetime of the Nation of Israel, and particularly during and since the Second World War, and the coming dire events!  Any Nation or peoples that persecute Israel, will in the same ethos, have to face the judgement of Almighty God, when Christ judges the Nations, and 1000 years later at the Great White Throne Judgement Rev. 20:11-15. 

Our Lord spoke of this in the context of the Sheep and Goat Judgement, Matt. 35:31- 46.  The Lord is speaking here after He has returned to Earth in great power, and has vanquished the enemies of Israel, for Almighty God.  This is a much misused and miss-taught prophecy.  In verse 40, the Lord gives the definition of the judgment; those that helped My brethren”!   As most Churches teach that the “brethren” are “the Church” or “Christendom”, the same error as much of current miss-teaching of prophecy applies here!  Christians are taught that they are the ones referred to, instead of the truth, which is that the reference is to Israel!  See: The Gross Neglect by Church Teachers of Coming Events:

A careful study of Scripture as it is written, (i.e. conforming to the best manuscripts, as is the case in the Companion Bible, based on the AV, 1611) shows that prophecy is related to Israeland the Prophetic Area.  Also in the opinion of the writers, prophecy is only active when Israel is "Ammi", or leading into the "Ammi" state.

See:  "Israel; My Firstborn son".  


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