A Biologist's comments on Darwin


Listen to what just one prominent Biologist, has to say about Darwinian Theory.

When asked if macroevolution has failed to prove itself to be a viable theory, then where did he believe the evidence of Science is pointing.  He answered,

"I believe Science is pointing strongly toward design.  To me, as a Scientist, the development of an embryo cries out, 'Design!'  The Caambrian explosion -- the sudden appearance of complex life, with no evidence of ancestors -- is more consistent with design than Evolution.  Homology, in my opinion, is more compatible with design.  The origin of life certainly cries out for a designer.  None of these things make as much sense from a Darwinian perspective as they do from a design perspective."

The next question directed to him was, "You're not merely saying that the evidence for Evolution is weak and therefore there must an intelligent designer.  You're suggesting there is also affirmative evidence for a designer?"

To which he replied, "I am.  However, the two are connected, because one of the main functions of Darwinian theory is to try to make design unnecessary. This is what you experienced as you became an Atheist. This is what I experienced.  So showing that the arguments for Evolution are weak certainly opens the door to design.

"And, then, 
when you analyze all of the most current affirmative evidence from Cosmology, Physics, Astronomy, Biology, and so forth -- well, I think you'll discover that the positive case for an intelligent designer becomes absolutely compelling."

Jonathan Wells, PHD, PHD
received his doctorate in molecular and cell Biology from U of C at Berkeley.  He has written on the Scientific and cultural aspects of Evolution in such journals as Origins & Design, The Scientist, Touchstone, The American Biology Teacher, and Rhetoric and Public Affairs.

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