A Kingdom of Priests unto God 

The common view and teaching on this subject, is that the Redeemed of the Lord (Jesus Christ), make up the members of “the Kingdom and Priests”.  The Redeemed are at present drawn from all Nations of the world, and all races, and the only criterion is acceptance of Jesus Christ’s Sacrificial Death on the Calvary Cross!  That “Kingdom” is the Millennial Kingdom and Reign of Christ Messiah Jesus, and is instigated by Him at His return to Earth to save His people Israeland to judge the Gentile Nations. 

Part of the reason for this miss-understanding and teaching is the mistranslation by the 1611 King James Version of the Bible, where various words which should have been translated ‘Kingdom’, were translated ‘kings’!

Below are two examples of this error in the first Chapter of Revelation.

The simple fact is that the reference in the Old Testament to "Kingdom of Priests" applies to the Jews only; and the source text is Ex. 19:6.  When the culmination of that promise transpires, the two references below show the fulfilment.

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Rev. 1:6.   And made us a (a)Kingdom and Priests unto God His Father; to Him be the glory and the dominion for ever and ever.  (b)Amen

(a)  This in AV, and in the minds of C. of E., and many other groups is translated kings This huge error which leaves Christians thinking that it refers to them in the Millennium is not easily changed.  However, the true translation is "Kingdom", which means that the future Jewish Nation in the Millennial Reign of Christ, will be an established Nation to the promised borders (as opposed to the present oppressed tiny Nation) part of which will be Priests to Him, (Rev. 5:9 & 10 ) & (Rev. 20:4-6).  The offer made by Jehovah to Israel in Exodus 19:4-6 & 8; they accepted, and then broke their word.

However, Jehovah again re-offered in Jer. 31:31-34, which Israel again rejected at Acts 28:28.  Messiah- Christ's return will restore Israel, some to the Priestly function, (Isa. 61:6 & 66:21 and 1Peter 2:9), see also later notes. 

Rev. 5:10   (a)And hast made them for our God a Kingdom, a Priestly Kingdom, and (b)they shall reign on the Earth. 

(a)  This verse clearly shows the eventual function of those redeemed out of the 12 tribes of Israel and perhaps as described above from the Gentiles, and those retained at the resurrection and judgement of Israel (Ex. 19:6), they are to be a Kingdom of Priests to CHRIST (see 1:6), called Overcomers).

(b)  "They"; the Authorised Version (A.V.), states "we", as also does INT.  However, on examination of the Greek (Str. No. 936 [935]) refers to "power", or "rule". The "we", or "they", must be deduced from the context, which in this case refers to (V.9) those redeemed from the 12 tribes of Israel.  Therefore the word in context certainly should be THEY.   Dr. Bullinger gives "they", J.N. Darby "they", N.I.V. "they", Revised Standard "they", and Moffett "they".  

Again, most people are taught that Revelation applies to the ‘Church’, and to Christians.  However, in the view of the writers and many others, it applies to the Jewish Nation, and to the Gentile Nations. 

What then is the basic thesis of the above comments!  In Ex. 19:6, Jehovah God stated that Israel would be “a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation”, with the proviso that they should obey Him, and keep His Covenant!  This was confirmed and elaborated by Peter in 1Peter 2:9, in his letters to the Jews of the Diaspora, approx. AD 60.  He is here talking to Jews, prior to Acts 28.  As the Jewish hierarchy rejected Christ as Messiah at Acts 28:28, the fulfilment of their destiny as a Nation of Priests is in abeyance, until that time that they will accept the proviso of Ex. 19:5!

The description of the yet future Priesthood of the Jewish Nation is well described in Isaiah 61:6, and 66:21.

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